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Kim Kardashian called ‘irresponsible’ for sharing psychic’s coronavirus prediction

‘You have literally millions of people who follow you who are probably on edge, and sending an ‘end time’ message from a PSYCHIC is just…’


Allyson Waller


The Kardashians are no stranger to airing their thoughts on social media, and they haven’t let up as panic over the coronavirus (COVID-19) heightens around the world.

Entertainment Tonight reports Kim Kardashian shared with her followers a passage that warns readers in 2020 “a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe.”

Kardashian’s post claims the passage is from psychic Sylvia Brown. Several have noted that the passage is from the book, “The Eyes of Darkness,” a 1981 thriller by author Dean Koontz.

Kardashian tweeted a screenshot of the eerie passage with the caption, “Kourtney just sent this (in) our group chat.”

Not everyone took Kardashian’s tweet lightly, with some calling it “irresponsible.”

“Please don’t spread misinformation like this in a time of crisis. It’s super irresponsible. This is a public health emergency,” Twitter user @chelseybcoombs wrote.

Recently, Kardashian’s Instagram Stories have consisted of coronavirus-related content in lieu of videos and snapshots of her children and her latest beauty and shapewear products.

On Wednesday, she posted to her stories a video of a doctor visiting her home, showing her and a friend alternative greetings to shaking hands, according to Entertainment Tonight. Kardashian also showed herself wiping down a gift she was given with a Clorox wipe.

“(This is) what I’m doing every time somebody hands me something,” Kardashian said in the video.

Kardashian previously retweeted another contentious post about the coronavirus, which took a pointed jab at past events that caused high levels of panic.

More people have hopped on the conspiracy theorist train, noting the similarities between Koontz’s “The Eyes of Darkness,” and the current coronavirus outbreak.

However, in the book, the weapon described as the “Wuhan-400” is human-made and has no relation to the coronavirus, the Daily Dot previously reported.

Currently, “The Eyes of Darkness” is number one on Amazon’s best sellers list under horror literature and fiction. Perhaps Koontz can not only thank conspiracy theorists for the new bump in sales but Kardashian as well.


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