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DoorDash driver says KFC workers hid and pretended store was closed before closing time, sparking debate

'One time I went to KFC and [the] guy told me they had no chicken.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Oct 12, 2022

A DoorDash driver claimed that KFC workers hid in the back office so that they wouldn’t have to serve anyone an hour before closing time.

Freedom Promise Brannon (@1.09.2022) uploaded the video to TikTok to express her frustrations and call out the workers she felt were not being respectful of her time. “KFC workers ran to their office to hide after they seen me pull up,” the voiceover of the video. The TikToker claims they backed their car up, so they were able to better see the workers hiding in the office, which prompted one of them to come out to say the restaurant was closed.

@1.09.2022 If you’re gonna say you’re closed, don’t let your customers sit in your drive-through. It was 10 o’clock and they weren’t suppose to close until 11. There was five people in the office hiding. Please be more respectful next time. ##doorDash##KFC ♬ original sound – Freedom Promise Brannon

The TikToker says that the KFC workers then pretended that they had no DoorDash orders and had to be shown the order in order for them to start preparing the food. “If you don’t like your job, quit. Don’t waste other people’s time,” says the voiceover as the video ends. 

The caption of the video also clarifies that it was 10pm when the DoorDash driver pulled up, and the store was supposed to close at 11pm. They claim that there were at least five people hiding in the office and that if the workers wanted to close the store, they shouldn’t have customers sitting in the drive-thru.

The video has amassed over 313,000 views since being posted on Oct. 8, and viewers let the TikToker know their thoughts in the comments section.

Viewers on TikTok made it clear that workers shouldn’t be locking doors when the restaurant is still officially open. 

“Bro this happens so often when I doordash, thank you for sharing this,” one TikToker said who allegedly had also dealt with workers who close restaurants before closing time.

Some also noted that this wasn’t a problem exclusive to KFC and that they had been locked out of restaurants before closing time before. “Dude the Arby’s by me close at 11, I was up there at 9:40 and they act like they was closed like we can’t see thru the window to all the machines on,” said one frustrated customer. “Same thing happened to me at Wendy’s and they didn’t wan to make the order…” said another. 

“One time I went to KFC and [the] guy told me they had no chicken,” said one incredulous viewers. Some people became extremely serious about the whole thing with one user suggesting that the TikToker “submit a complaint and this video to corporate.” 

But closing time often means a different thing to employees and customers and a number of workers chimed in to defend the behavior and let the TikToker know that this was extremely commonplace.

“I work in fast food and I’d do the sam thing. We don’t get paid enough to stay open past hours for entitled people,” said one viewer touching on an important point about workers and the inadequate pay and support they receive. According to the Guardian, fast-food workers receive low pay, practically no benefits, and have the added stress of dealing with rude customers. One worker in the comments section of the viral video pointed out that customers should be more conscious of their orders when it’s so close to closing time. “No offense the last time I took an order right when we were closing they ordered a 50 piece all flats of chicken and like seven French fries.”

Many said that often, it really isn’t the fault of the restaurant workers. “Actually, I used to work fast food and it happens where we’re [closed] and the order is still sent by DoorDash or Uber eats,” one person helpfully explained.

The Daily Dot reached out to Freedom Promise Brannon via TikTok comment and to KFC via email.

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*First Published: Oct 12, 2022, 2:19 pm CDT