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‘I don’t want a female working on my car’: Karen refuses to be helped by a woman, demands male worker at car dealership

'Our service director fired her as a customer.'


Kathleen Wong


Published Dec 20, 2021   Updated Dec 21, 2021, 10:00 am CST

A viral TikTok is exposing a Karen for being sexist after she called a car dealership to make an appointment to get her oil changed and refused service from the all-woman service writer staff. Instead, she demanded to have a man help her.

The TikTok has received over 1.5 million views since it was posted on Dec. 19 by @5centrayray, or Rachel, a service advisor at the dealership. In the clip, a worker introduced herself as Autumn and answered the phone to help the Karen.

“Autumn, I didn’t ask for a female, I’d like to talk to a male,” Karen said. “My opinion is females don’t belong in a service department, they belong behind the scenes doing the paperwork.”

“Um, okay. There’s not a male in our service department,” Autumn replied to the women. According to the text overlay by the poster, the service writers, who are the liaison between the car dealership and the customers, are all women while the technicians are men.

The woman asked to be transferred to a male worker and then calls back because “she gets no where [sic] with the male she requested because he is in sales so she calls back…,” according to the text overlay.

On the phone with Autumn again, the woman requested an appointment for Saturday morning to have her oil changed, adding, “I just hope there are no females on the desk when I get there.”

“There will be,” a woman, most likely another service writer, can be heard saying in the background.

Autumn reiterated to the woman that there are no male workers in the service department and offered to transfer the woman to the sales manager who is a man.

“As long as there is a male in the shop to change my oil, that would be fine,” the woman said. “I do not want a female working on my car.” The Karen explained her reasoning, saying that the last time she had something done on her car “it was a five-minute job” and she ended up sitting there for “a freaking hour” and “I had to go track down a male to get my car because the females were incompetent of paging me.”

According to the text overlay, the event the Karen brought up is “when she refused to reschedule due to our shop getting hit with Covid and being down 4 techs so the shop was behind, and was told of the extended wait time.”

The text overlay also said that the owner saw the video and “was shocked and outraged.”

“Female’s [sic] in our dealership are treated with equal opportunities,” the text continued. “Our service director fired her as a customer. Bye bye Karen!”

Commenters were upset at the Karen’s sexist behavior. “As a female mechanic im [sic] livid,” @satan_is_a_virgo wrote.

“I would have said ‘I completely understand mam [sic], can I speak to the man of the house to confirm what you are saying is correct?'” Another TikToker, @defeatedani, wrote.

Others shared how they have also faced sexism for being women in an auto shop or service department. “I work in a body shop. We experience the same thing. Another low key dig: I want to talk to someone who knows about cars,” TikToker @mshexappeal wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @5centrayray for comment.

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*First Published: Dec 20, 2021, 7:08 pm CST