Justin Trudeau graces the cover of Delta’s in-flight magazine—and people are freaking out


Nobody reads in-flight magazines. It’s not that they’re bad, per se; normally, passengers are just too busy sleeping or brushing crumbs off their pants from those tasty little Biscoff cookies. Delta seems to have realized this, and the airline has sought to recapture its customers’ attention with the help of Justin Trudeau.

The Canadian prime minister and international sex symbol graces the newest cover of Delta’s Sky magazine. His casual manspreading, mischievous gaze, and vibrant purple dress socks already won the hearts of Twitter users everywhere. BuzzFeed’s Tanya Chen summed it up appropriately: “look at those quirky socks, they are a message of peace and unity, what a dream boat, daddy, can he be our president etc etc..what’d I miss?”

Other users came through with hilarious quips, Trump jabs, and Saved by the Bell comparisons, the best of which are featured here.


It’s Justin Trudeau’s world, and we’re all just flying through it.

H/T Mashable

Bryan Rolli

Bryan Rolli

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