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Jimmy John’s is tweeting about eating a**

But, in general, the company has no chill.


Jaya Saxena


The internet is freaking out at sandwich chain Jimmy John’s for making a joke about ass-eating in response to someone tweeting about how bad their sandwiches taste. Or really, the company is acknowledging that ass-eating exists. Geez, can’t you even muster up a salad-tossing joke, JJs?

First We Feast has a collection of all the reactions to the tweet, but a quick look at Jimmy John’s Twitter account confirms the sandwich chain has never been chill online.

Much of this barely even makes sense because, reading through the Jimmy John’s timeline, it’s clear the first-person “me” tweeting is the entire company of Jimmy John’s, not a singular man or even a mascot. Which is fine for responding to complaints, but is a national franchise ripping back your shower curtain? Spooning you? At least it insists it’s not judging you for performing analingus. Sandwiches and kink-shaming just don’t go together.

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