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Do you see vulvae everywhere?

Look around you. Do you see them? You can’t run, you can’t hide, vulvae are everywhere. At least according to the Instagram account look_at_this_pusssy, which is dedicated to finding the yonic in everyday items around us

And boy it does not disappoint.

we all have v different experience of being a person who lives inside of a body and each of these experiences is interesting and we all have dignity and a story to tell and it’s a blizzard of unique snowflakes and thats v cool (ps “dignity” is my second favorite word for pussy after “pussy” shoutout to @eveensler, that prolific ass gemini). 2 generalized umbrella categories of Human are given to us from “Biology” called pussu and penip which imply a w/hole set of vastly varied physiological conditions and for some reason society thinks this means a fixed set of things in regards to gender identification, intelligence, access to resources, etc. and for some reason changing those perceptions is taking foreverrrrrrrrr are we there yet!?!?!!!! These distinctions are seen as inherent (i.e. that the so-called “feminine” end of the spectrum is native to people born under the pussu umbrella and form a direct opposition to those so-called “masculine” qualities which are implicitly lacking in the pussu- human and visa versa); these distinctions are still seen as hierarchical (i.e. the supposed “feminine” qualities are seen as lower and of lesser value than the supposed “masculine” qualities). This is a semantics problem but it extends way beyond that, and as long as this structure exists, it’s still relevant to talk about the body as a location of gender, if only to break open and refute exactly what that means. And it isn’t essentially essential to separate the lived experience from biology when it applies; and it isn’t essentially essentialist to speak ur Truth directly from ur Pussy, if u have one, so long as u recognize that ur experience is not the only way or the right way. Have a safe weekend. Be urself @artiefexmurals

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Because all I wanted was to love you and to make you feel loved @sdvw

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The posts are certainly good for a laugh and for making you more aware that everything around you looks like genitalia. But the posts encourage people to embrace the vulvic in their lives, while also providing mini-lessons on things like intersectional feminism.

In an interview with Dazed, founders Chelsea Jones and Eva Sealove say they get 20-60 submissions a day from other people who see pussy all around the world. 

“Our DM is absolutely filled with pussy,” said Sealove. “I look for something unexpected and visceral.” 

Which, yep, they certainly are. And the best news is, Instagram can’t censor any of them! Just remember, it’s a vulva,  not a vagina.

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