You have to follow these 10 cats on Instagram

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Move over Grumpy Cat.

Is Facebook no longer satisfying all of your cat photo needs? Then you might want to consider Instagram. While you’re no doubt already aware of world-famous kitties like the lovable Grumpy Cat and adorable Lil Bub, we’ve the 10 must-follow felines that will bring some much-needed fluff and circumstance to your daily routine.

1) Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton sports a rather fetching hipster-style ‘tache. This very pleasing quirk of fur growth makes for some amusing images. 

Hammy made sure that no one will be pinching him today… Happy St. Paddy’s Day! #mustachecat #happystpaddys #hamrock

A photo posted by – Hamilton The Hipster Cat – (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat) on

2) Nala Cat

Nala is a super-cute Siamese and tabby mix with a natural gift for wide-eyed surprised faces. Say what?

Roar 🐯🐯🐯 Cr. @meowquarterly

A photo posted by nala_cat™ (@nala_cat) on

3) Sam Has Eyebrows

“This is Sam. He has eyebrows.” He’s like the Groucho Marx of the cat world. It’s such a simple thing, but

we can guarantee endless joy when you see his anxious little face pop up in your stream. 

Sam sees dead people 👻 #nohedoesnt #sorrynotsorry

A photo posted by Sam (@samhaseyebrows) on

4) Princess Monstertruck

The marvelously monikered “Princess Monstertruck” was rescued from the mean streets of NYC. Her “fierce” smile has gained her fans from around the world.

When you want the treat, but you don’t want to work for it… Pssshhh #PrincessMonsterTruck #👑😈🚚

A photo posted by PrincessMonsterTruck © (@princessmonstertruck) on

5) Richard Kitty

Striking looks, thanks to those differently colored eyes, means Richard is one photographic kitty. 

6) Snoopy Babe

More than 300,000 users enjoy Snoopy Babe’s Instagram antics. The exotic shorthair enjoys dressing up, boasting a particular impressive collection of headwear.

A photo posted by SNOOPY·babe (@snoopybabe) on

7) Garfi

Garfi, a.k.a. “Angry Cat,” has got a death stare that would curdle cat milk. His hilariously surly face will brighten your day. Or else.

I’m watching you with my EAGLE EYES..#Garfi

A photo posted by Garfi – Angry Cat (@meetgarfi) on

8) Venus Two Face Cat

Mad genetics gave Venus a two-tone visage. Follow along for images that’ll make you do a double-take every time you see one.

9) Monty

Sweet little Monty looks a little different than most cats due to a chromosome defect. A rescue cat, his mission is “telling the world that looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic.” Aww.

Monty Boy 💜 Visit my #TheSecretLifeofMyCat #TheSecretLifeofMyPet @bestmeow #bestmeow

A photo posted by Monty -not perfect but PAWsome (@monty_happiness) on

10) Colonel Meow

Finally, Colonel Meow’s bad-tempered appearance makes for some funny photos, none more so than when he’s captured looking disdainfully at his canine bro Boots.

It’s for America, Boots. #LezGo @crazyavey

A photo posted by Colonel Meow and Friends (@colonelmeowandfriends) on

Photo via Vitor Correa Fogassa/Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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