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IKEA wants to help you plan your dream virtual wedding

Who says you need to shell out tons of money for the coolest wedding ever?


Jam Kotenko


When I got married in California in early 2012, there were only five people in the room: Myself, my soon-to-be-husband, the officiant, my cousin, and her daughter. The rest of my family lived 7,000 miles away in the Philippines and couldn’t attend. If only we’d had the gumption to arrange a digital wedding ceremony.

Thanks to a new virtual wedding service offered by IKEA, couples can now share their special day with people all over the world through the magic of online streaming. Brides and grooms can invite guests through Facebook and let them attend the ceremony virtually using their microphone and webcam. Wedding planners can can even pick a virtual theme in lieu of an actual destination wedding.

The video below highlights all the Pinterest-worthy options you can choose from and shows you exactly how an IKEA-sponsored online ceremony would go down.

The only caveat to online weddings—and this is pretty important—is that for your marriage to be legally binding, the couple needs to be in the same room as the officiant and at least two witnesses.

Weddings are a beautiful thing and shouldn’t be a cause for anxiety and hardship. IKEA’s idea to make online marriage simple and effortless (and inexpensive) is an awesome one, especially for people who met their match through the wonders of digital dating.


H/T Metro | Screengrab via IKEA Sverige/Youtube

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