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Actor shares totally not-bonkers story of the time he flushed his wife’s birth control

Please, Ian Somerhalder and all men, step away from your partners' birth control.


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Posted on Sep 22, 2017   Updated on May 22, 2021, 4:33 pm CDT

If someone asks you when you and your partner decided to have children, you should most definitely not heroically revel in the glory of that one time you manipulated your partner’s birth control without consulting with her.

On the latest episode of the Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast, guest Ian Somerhalder from the CW’s the Vampire Diaries, sharing the mic with his wife Nikki Reed, laughed as he shared what he probably thought was this cute li’l anecdote about his wife’s pregnancy. However, Reed awkwardly chuckled along as Somerhalder told the story of how he flushed her birth control down the toilet.

Childbirth educator Dr. Elliot Berlin had asked the couple, who had their first child, Bodhi Soleli, in July, when they decided to have children, to which Reed quipped, “Oh yeah, when you threw out all my birth control pills. That’s right. That’s it. That was also presumptuous,” referring to Somerhalder’s second-date assumption that the two were going to get married.

Taking reigns of the story, Somerhalder said the couple had met up with two of his best friends in Barcelona, and that night he, Reed, and the other couple had decided they wanted to have children together. However, for Reed, that meant her husband was going to take her unopened pack of birth control pills, pop them out of the blister pack one by one, and flush them down the toilet, that very night.

Yes, like a fucking life-controlling husband from hell.

“It is a lot of work, especially after like, a little bit of sangria, you have to really focus,” Somerhalder said.

Reed was there, apparently looking amazingly horrified at her husband, to the point where there’s at least a photo, and a six-minute video of the altercation of Reed silently hyperventilating. There’s also a “really cool” slowed down video of Somerhalder dumping his hand-full of birth control pills into the toilet taken by one of the couples’ friends, a video that Reed says she’s never seen.

“Now thinking about it, I guess I kind of decided,” Somerhalder laughed on the podcast, with everyone uncomfortably chuckling after.

“Surprising!” Reed quipped back.

No matter, though, because Reed didn’t get pregnant for another four months.

But for the love of god, whatever you do, don’t do what Somerhalder did and compromise your partner’s birth control without talking about it first. Like, don’t fucking do whatever this low-key stealthing-esque shit Somerhalder pulled was. Just, don’t!

Listen to Somerhalder’s weird-ass story at the beginning of this podcast (at 5:45) below:


Update 8:15am CT, Sept. 24: Somerhelder and Reed have released a statement via his Instagram account.

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*First Published: Sep 22, 2017, 12:29 pm CDT