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‘This is why I work to live, never live to work’: Former HR worker says you shouldn’t ‘sacrifice yourself for a job that can replace you in 2 seconds’ in viral TikTok, sparking debate

'You are replaceable at work but irreplaceable at home.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Aug 8, 2022   Updated on Aug 8, 2022, 5:37 pm CDT

A former HR worker went viral after urging viewers to never sacrifice themselves for a job that can easily replace them. While many viewers seconded the TikToker’s advice, some debated how the attitude would come off in the workplace.

In a one-minute clip, user Bebe Jade (@bebe.jade.love) claims no one should run themselves into the ground for a job.

“As someone who used to work in HR, my advice would be: go into work, do what you gotta do, get paid, go home,” Jade says.

She also claims employees should be hesitant to trust their coworkers, regardless of their position. While friendships can develop in the workplace, she notes that it’s difficult to decipher a genuine and fake person.

“Your job will post your position two days after you have died,” she continues.

Jade then argues that workers shouldn’t give too much to a job that views them as replaceable.

“Be careful,” she warns. “Don’t sacrifice yourself for a job that can replace you in two seconds if they need to. You are replaceable at work but irreplaceable at home.”

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The video, shared Aug. 5, has received over 613,000 views as of Monday. Although a debate sparked in the comments, many people agreed with Jade’s advice to prioritize yourself over your workplace.

“Yeah, definitely!! Do what you’re paid for and go home and work on your goals. Best thing right now, work from home online!!” one person agreed.

“YOU TOLD NOT ONE LIE. This why I work to live, never live to work,” a second emphasized.

Others highlighted her concern for workplace relationships, something they’ve taken to heart themselves.

“These are facts! I was played so bad in my last job by the new manager! They ARE NOT YR FRIENDS!!!” one viewer wrote.

“My mantra for 30 plus yrs…,” another added. “I’m there to make a living not win a popularity contest. EVERYTHING you said is on point.”

However, some viewers disagreed with Jade. A few questioned why it would be wrong for a workplace to try to find a replacement after the passing of an employee, while others argued that anti-social behavior could detriment one’s career.

“What they supposed to do, leave the position close,” one user asked.

“What are they supposed to do when you die? Leave your job empty?” another inquired. “That’s not even realistic. I think I’ve made one true friend in 30 years.”

“I agree but if you don’t act friendly and socialize your coworkers and boss will say you’re not a team player and it could impact your performance,” a third added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jade for comment via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Aug 8, 2022, 5:36 pm CDT