Hospital Karen can suddenly breathe when TikToker calls her a cunt


‘Karen’ complains of low oxygen levels, miraculously finds her breath when TikToker calls her a c**t

'At least you can breathe now.'

Dec 25, 2020, 1:20 pm*

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Bryan Rolli

A cantankerous “Karen” who complained of low oxygen levels in the hospital miraculously found her breath when her roommate called her a cunt and shared the ensuing meltdown on TikTok. 

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TikTok user @naynaylyn11, who goes simply by Naya in her bio, uploaded the freakout in several parts on Dec. 3. It got a second wind on Thursday when it appeared on the r/publicfreakout subreddit, where it has more than 64,000 upvotes at the time of this writing. 

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The hospital Karen can be heard complaining to hospital staff at the beginning of the first video, muttering, “This is absolutely ridiculous.” She is apparently claiming she can’t breathe, based on the rest of the video. 

When a nurse assures Karen that her oxygen level is fine, Karen snaps back, “My oxygen level might be fine, but are you listening to me breathe?” 

At this point, Naya, who was in the hospital for a concussion, chimes in from her hospital bed with an incredulous “Holy shit.”

Karen continues to complain about the “dumbass motherfuckers” working at the hospital and says, “I’m livid because I’m not breathing, I have chest pains, and I have this little chick next to me cussing at me.”

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That’s when Naya drops the bomb: “If you weren’t a cunt, people wouldn’t fucking curse at you.”

Predictably, Karen goes nuclear. 

“Call me a cunt again and we can go outside,” she yells offscreen, only growing angrier when Naya echoes her threat in a mocking voice. 

“I don’t know who you think you’re talking to like that, but you better watch your mouth,” Karen says. 

She then flags down hospital staff—the same staff she was just insulting and harassing—and asks them to “get security before I bust her mouth open.”

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At this point, Naya flips the camera to reveal the Karen, who has unsurprisingly pulled her face mask down to her chin as she hollers for a hospital employee.

Naya, bemused by Karen’s meltdown, says politely, “At least you can breathe now.”
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According to the caption on Naya’s TikTok, the hospital staff made Karen leave after her temper tantrum and brought Naya food as a thank you. 

“I sat and I minded my business for as long as I could,” Naya explained in a follow-up post. “And after she had kicked the nurse out and the doctor left, she got on the phone with her daughter and was talking shit about these nurses and doctors, acting like they weren’t trained to help her. And then she started talking shit about me. And that was the turning point, because that was the moment I called her a cunt.”


Part 2 of my story time about my roomie in the ER

♬ original sound - Naya

TikTokers largely sided with Naya and praised her for sending Karen off the deep end while barely lifting a finger. Others noted the hypocrisy of Karen flexing her pipes seconds after complaining that she couldn’t breathe. 

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“I cAnT bReAtHe *yells and curses*,” one viewer commented. 

Another wrote, “‘At least you can breathe now’ You fixed her! Good job. As a healthcare worker, you said all that I can’t.”


At least one person was unamused with Naya’s videos, though: Karen’s daughter. 

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After Naya’s videos blew up, Karen’s daughter—Karen Jr.—caught wind of them and shared some harsh words for Naya on Facebook:  

Whoever friends with Tenaya Johnson can tell that weird bitch the next time she wants to post someone on snap chat make sure she knows who tf she recording. My mom is in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung or heart & she wants to be in the same room trying to talk shit , recording her personal information and make fun of her breathing ? AND YOU’RE A MOTHER ??? I honestly hope god gives you the worse karma possible because from how you look in the video you don’t look good sis & if she got a problem, tell her bang my line.

Naya took the criticism in stride in another video. 

“I could understand somebody being upset if they saw a video of their mother acting like a fool and being just disrespectful and obnoxious unnecessarily,” she said. “I could see how that’s a little embarrassing maybe. But the woman did not have a blood clot in her lung or in her heart from what I understand.”

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As for Karen Jr. wishing the worst possible karma on Naya?

“My karma,” she said, “was being stuck in a room with her for forever.”

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*First Published: Dec 25, 2020, 1:19 pm