Man buys strange costume from Spirit Halloween

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‘This looks like something Adam Sandler would wear’: Man buys ‘hippe shirt’ from Spirit Halloween. It looks like a West African dashiki

‘Playing a single dad on vacation in a romcom.’


Tricia Crimmins


A man bought a costume labeled as a “hippie shirt” from Spirit Halloween, but it looks more like a dashiki, a brightly colored tunic that originated in West Africa.

In a TikTok posted over the weekend, TikToker @druuuww shows a costume he bought at Spirit Halloween that was labeled “Adult Hippie Costume.”

“What the hell kinda ‘hippie shirt’ is this Spirit Halloween,” @druuuww wrote in his video’s overlay text.

On Thursday, the TikToker’s video had almost 1.8 million views.


♬ original sound – nefen.

While some retailers are selling hippie costumes that are tie-dyed, other items marketed as hippie costumes—like this one from—resemble dashikis, as well.

Regardless, @druuuww’s “hippie shirt” looks similar to a dashiki worn by a white man in a video dancing to Afrobeats—a TikTok that is quickly becoming a meme. In the video, the man dances to the music by slightly bending his knees, moving his knees back and forth, and swinging his arms.

@druuuww does this dance in his TikTok, seeming to reference the dancing man.

Commenters on @druuuww’s video picked up his reference and thought his dancing in the Spirit Halloween dashiki was hilarious.

“The shoulder shimmy always kills me,” a commenter wrote.

“My algorithm is insane,” another said. “I just scrolled passed that guy dancing before this video.”

“PLEASE DO THE FULL DANCE,” another commenter wrote.

Others commented what they thought @druuuww’s shirt reminded them of.

“This looks like something Adam Sandler would wear playing a single dad on vacation in a romcom,” a commenter said.

“I thought Jack Black from ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,’” another commenter wrote. In I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, a 1998 movie, Black has dreadlocks and wears a brightly colored shirt.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @druuuww via TikTok.

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