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The coolest hairdresser in the world uses a blowtorch and a samurai sword

If you’re willing to let him work his magic, you evidently won’t be disappointed.


Jam Kotenko


If you love getting your hair cut and are open to new things, there’s a new cutting technique that will surely bring out the badass in you. It’s guaranteed to yield you a scorching hot new hairdo—literally.

Spanish hairdresser Alberto Olmedo has developed a method of cutting your hair by using samurai swords and a blowtorch.

Yes, you heard that right. In Olmedo’s hair salon in Madrid, the smell of burnt hair equates to an awesome hairstyle in the making. This technique, Olmedo explains, is meant to fix the usual stylist mishap of cutting two sides of your hair unevenly. Rather than working on one side after the other, Olmedo uses swords to “mathematically” cut both sides simultaneously. 

He also uses traditional shears and customized finger blades, à la Edward Scissorhands. Then, for his cut’s pièce de résistance, he brings out the torch.

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While all of this looks and sounds, well, really freaking scary, his clients all seem to look super happy with their newly torched hair. And they’re also alive and well, so that’s a good sign, too.

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