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Graphic designer puts résumé on Instagram

Is this how hipsters will land jobs in the future?


Kris Holt


It helps to stand out when applying for jobs, especially when applying for a creative gig.

Rather than simply send a link to a portfolio on his website, graphic designer David Mas tried something a little different. He posted his work on Instagram as a virtual résumé.

Mas set up a dedicated account, @esto_es_un_curriculum, to showcase some of his creativity. “I wanted to use […] an environment that had never been used before for this purpose,” he told Instagramers. He enjoys Instagram for its immediacy, speed and creativity.

Mas, who is based in Crevillente, Spain, has attempted to get the word out about his “Instagram Vitae” by using the hashtags #instagramvitae and #MycvonInstagram and encouraging others to share those tags on Twitter.

His work ranges from logos and business cards to prints and stop motion, and he posted the images to Instagram in reverse order, so that they’d flow better when looking at the resumé from the newest to oldest Instagram.

Mas, who is not a big fan of Comic Sans, also created a neat little video (in Spanish) showing how he came up with the idea and how he put the project together.

Photo via @esto_es_un_curriculum/Instagram

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