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Surprise grandchild is the greatest Christmas gift of all

The holidays are all about family.


Ziwe Fumudoh


Eva Goeb of Franklin, Indiana, experienced a Christmas miracle this year when she got an unexpected visit from her son, daughter-in-law, and newborn granddaughter, Melissa Faith.

On Sunday, Goeb’s son Donny and his wife Miranda flew in from Hawaii, where they had been stationed with the Air Force. Their visit was such a surprise because no one in their family knew they had even started the adoption process.

“We chose not to tell our families due to so many unknowns,” Miranda told Indiana news station WTHR. “We wanted to protect our hearts and theirs. We were taking a huge leap of faith. Once the baby Lily was officially placed with us, to become our daughter, we decided that it was not the type of news to be shared over the phone.”

Everything happened quickly, with the couple learning that they would be parents on Nov. 12, meeting the birth mother Nov. 25, and meeting their baby when she was born on Dec. 8.

The new parents quickly decided to visit Franklin, Indiana, with Melissa Faith and bless their family for the holidays.

“Neither of our families thought we were coming home for Christmas, let alone bringing a baby,” Miranda said. “They were shocked, enamored, in awe and in love simultaneously.”

“We are so blessed by Lily, her birth parents and our families. It will be quite the Christmas to remember!”

No word on whether Ms. Goeb bought gifts for the young family, but it’s clear that she was thankful for their visit.

H/T WTHR | Photo via Olaf Gradin/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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