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‘Best part of this job is how quiet and peaceful it is’: Goodwill worker says e-commerce book production is the best job she’s had

‘This kind of job would be so good for me & my anxiety tbh.’


Cecilia Lenzen


An e-commerce worker says her job in book production is the best job she’s ever had.

TikTok user Kat (@kat30_uwu) uploaded a video describing what her job is like. In the comments section, she clarifies the company is Evergreen Goodwill, an affiliate of Goodwill Industries, in Seattle, Washington.

Some of the perks of Kat’s job include four-day work weeks, flexible hours and the ability to listen to music and podcasts while on the job. Kat says her works tasks include shipping and scanning books. She describes the job pay as “OK for me,” saying the company she works at starts workers at $17.27 per hour.

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In replies to multiple comments on her videos, Kat says the job is “chill” and encourages interested viewers to look for similar jobs in their own cities.

“It’s a chill job! Good job to have while you are job searching for something better. I applied here due to my mental health,” the TikToker writes in a comment.

Kat’s description of the job piqued many viewers’ interest.

“Sounds so nice,” one viewer commented.

“girrrl I need this kinda job is this in cali I need a new job ,” a second commented.

Another wrote, “This looks so nice and relaxing.”

Some viewers said the job seemed like a good fit for people with anxiety.

“This kind of job would be so good for me & my anxiety tbh,” one user said.

“I have really bad social anxiety and jobs like this sound perfect,” another user commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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