Something to actually look forward to this winter: Girl Scout Cookie Cereal

There is one universal truth: Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies. No one seems to really know when cookie-selling season starts, but when you are leaving your local Piggly Wiggly and you see those girls pushing those cookies, you dig out your wallet, fork over some cash (for the cause, of course), and enjoy those sweet, sweet cookies. 

This year, it will be even easier to get your hands on those treats. Last week, pictures of Girl Scout Cookie Cereal started to appear online. 

The internet lies, though. Could these delicious cereals be real? 

According to General Mills, the answer is yes!

Repeat after me: On my honor, I will try to eat all of this cereal.

Allison Keves

Allison Keves

Aly Keves is a former Realtime Social Editor at the Daily Dot. While most of her time was spent on Twitter, she made time to write about 'The Bachelor,' adorable videos, and 'The Golden Girls.' She lives in New York City and became Bloomberg's Audience Engagement Editor in 2016.