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‘I barely made it to 6’: Gen Z worker jokes about retirement from corporate life after 9 months on the job, sparking debate

‘Millennials complain about the workforce, while gen z be redefining it.’


Braden Bjella


A creator on TikTok has sparked debate after making a joke about retiring after just nine months in a corporate job.

In a video with over 1.3 million views, user Grant (@granteverdeen) makes a mock retirement announcement, writing in the text overlaying the video, “POV: Gen Z entering the workforce.”

“After nine months in my first full-time job,” Grant says, “I’m excited to announce that I am retiring.”

@granteverdeen Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey! #genz #fulltimejob #linkedin #slay #sorry #retirement #gtg #hot #twink #bye ♬ original sound – grant

Despite Grant’s joking demeanor, the sentiment rang true for many viewers in the comments.

“Ugh I’m 2 months in & I’m tired,” one user wrote.

“Me,” another added. “I lasted 8 months in a ft job before I was DONE.”

“9 months? I just barely made it to 6,” a third shared.

Other users claimed that they were seeking or had already discovered ways to exit the typical corporate work experience.

“I just need a high paying job so i can work for like 3 more years and just buy some land in the woods,” a commenter said.

“Literally me. Worked corporate for 4 years and now am retired at 26,” a second alleged.

Even more, users said that they appreciate Gen Z for redefining the workday and setting boundaries between their work lives and their personal lives.

“Say what you will about gen z but they are the best!!!” a commenter wrote. “They aren’t here for anything that doesn’t compliment their happiness.”

“As a millennial, I’m proud of gen z. Millennials complain about the workforce, while gen z be redefining it,” another offered.

“I believe in this generation,” a third TikToker concluded. “Kind regards, a millennial tired of capitalism.”

Update Aug. 30, 11:08am CT: In an Instagram direct message to the Daily Dot, Grant confirmed he did not actually retire.

“The video was definitely meant to be a joke and satire those Linkedin announcements Gen Z loves to make!” he wrote. “I’m not retiring, and don’t have any plans to anytime soon – I actually really love my full time job.”

Still, he said that the video was rooted in a truth he was observing at the time.

“I kept hearing very similar experiences from my friends and other people around my age entering the workforce… A lot of them kept expressing how much they hate their job, wanted to quit, or completely change up their career paths. But like… Haven’t y’all only been working for like 2 months?” he shared. “I thought it would be funny to make a video playing one of these characters and mixing it with someone who loves sharing every sort of job update on LinkedIn.”

He then expanded upon the video’s relatability, connecting it with his own life.

“In my field, there’s definitely a ‘pay your dues’ kind of mentality, and I’m used to that from sports teams I’ve been on, but I think many people expect their entry level job to be everything they ever wanted immediately, and when they realize it’s not, they want to bail (even if in a few years it could turn into everything they wanted),” he explained. “I definitely have had moments where I’m like ‘why am I doing this? I’m wasting time,’ but when I look at the bigger picture, I know and hope (lol) that it’s worth it. My generation wants everything immediately, so this adjustment right out of college and practicing patience I think has been really difficult and why people relate so much to the video.”

“I still do think things can and should be able to change,” he stressed. “I do love how in touch we are with our feelings. If we don’t like something, we will say it, and if we’re unhappy, we will do something about it. My advice would be to just try and stick it out long enough to find your back up plan, and then act. Don’t retire at 24 years old.”

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