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Video: Crowd stops arrest of gay couple allegedly arrested for kissing at beach

The police accused the men of 'immoral acts.'


Rachel Kiley


Published Feb 26, 2021

Furious bystanders forced Mexico police to release two gay men after they were allegedly arrested for kissing on a public beach.

Police in Tulum said they had been called into the area to investigate a report of men “committing immoral acts.” According to Out, officials said the men were engaged in “oral sex on a public road.”

However, others present say the men were merely kissing on the beach, and it was the public display of queerness that set police off.

“The policemen were VIOLENT, and gave arguments such as ‘there are families and children and they cannot be watching this,’” local politician Martiza Escalante Morales, who was present during the arrest, later said.

Footage of the arrest shows heavily armed police forcing the men into the back of an all-terrain vehicle while they are surrounded by a disapproving crowd.

One of the men says something to bystanders, and protests over the arrest spring up as it becomes more clear that they’re being targeted for being gay. There’s booing, there’s jeering, and there are shouts of “No!” and “I’m gay, too!” as the crowd turns against the arresting officers.


DENUNCIA LA CIUDADANA MARITZA ESCALANTE MORALES, EN PORTAL “MUJERES TULUM”, A POLICÍAS HOMOFÓBICOS, ‘LEVANTAN’ A PAREJA DE GAYS POR DARSE UN BESO Quiero levantar una QUEJA PÚBLICA, porque NO ES POSIBLE el trato y el tipo de autoridades que tenemos en nuestro municipio. Ayer mientras estaba en la playa con mi familia, nos percatamos alrededor de las 4:30 que 2 elementos policiacos en sus cuatrimotos se acercaron a un grupo de jóvenes extranjeros, al pasar unos 20 minutos aproximadamente, notamos que una patrulla llegó y procedió a arrestarlos con esposas. Al observar lo sucedido, procedí a acercarme y para mi sorpresa, y la de muchos que igual se habían acercado, el “motivo” de su arresto fue porque eran GAYS y se habían BESADO. Los policías se portaron VIOLENTOS, y daban argumentos como “hay familias y niños y no pueden estar viendo esto”. Los subieron a la fuerza a la patrulla y no los dejaban ir, todos los que estábamos reunidos estábamos molestos alver la situación, por más que les decíamos que no estaban cometiendo ningún delito, no los soltaban. Al poco de unos minutos de dialogar con los policías, los dejaron libres. NO ESTABAN COMETIENDO NINGÚN DELITO, nosotros estábamos a su lado, en ningún momento hicieron algo malo, simplemente por BESARSE como cualquier otra pareja, los querían llevar. Estoy FURIOSA porque no es posible que en pleno siglo XXI sigan pasando este tipo de opresiones contra la comunidad LGBT+. Todos merecemos el mismo trato, y se deben aplicar las sanciones correspondientes a estos elementos.

Posted by Noti Tulum on Monday, February 22, 2021

Although the video ends with the men still in custody, Escalante said that police eventually released them when the crowd refused to let up.

“They were not committing any crime, we were by their side, at no time did they do anything wrong, simply by kissing like any other couple,” she wrote. “I am FURIOUS because it is not possible that in the 21st century this type of oppression against the LGBT+ community continues.”

A “kiss-in” has been scheduled to protest the arrest and alleged discrimination.

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*First Published: Feb 26, 2021, 2:32 pm CST