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Shouldn’t shopping for healthcare be as easy as shopping for porn?

“The government is not in the business of building sites that can handle mass amounts of traffic. We are!”


Audra Schroeder


GameLink, a San Francisco-based company for adult products, has a generous offer for the White House: They want to revamp the failed Obamacare website for free.

Jeff Dillon, vice president of business development and marketing at eLine, the company behind GameLink, recently sent a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services, offering to help iron out’s kinks. Here’s part of his pitch:

“Our team of skilled engineers has been ahead of the technological curve, continuously improving the site in the twenty years since its launch. We seamlessly process hundreds of orders on every day, focusing on the highest standards of discretion and security to our satisfied customers. could bring that vast capacity of knowledge and talent to the Affordable Care Act website, so in the coming months your page can manage millions of simultaneous users without the concern of technical glitches or security flaws.”

Via email, Dillon explained that the idea came to him after he “saw a post on a message board about someone in our industry having trouble signing up to the site, and it kept crashing. Then I thought to myself, ‘We could do a better job than that disaster of a website.’ Also, I saw this segment on The Colbert Report, which was a funny take on the site not working.

“I am not saying that the Obamacare launch failed,” he continued, “but it wasn’t pretty. The technology was subpar, and it was handled by the government. The government is not in the business of building sites that can handle mass amounts of traffic. We are!”

Of course, there’s the matter of GameLink’s content. On the site, you can find movies with titles like Mom’s Cuckold 13 and The Next She-Male Idol, as well as a rainbow of sex toys and adult video-on-demand. Should shopping for healthcare be as easy, intuitive, and secure as shopping for porn? Dillon says he hopes “the government can see past the content of GameLink, because at heart we are a technology company and a development shop. Just so happens the bulk of our revenues comes from adult-related content.”

Dillon also sees this free service as part of his duty as an American:

“I served in our military and I believe in service to our country. When I see millions who need help that can’t get it due to a nonfunctional website, and we have one of the best development teams around, I feel it is our duty to help and not profit off this.”

Dillon joins other frustrated developers looking at solutions for the beleaguered site. There have also been plenty of scammers and questionable businesses looking to capitalize on the failure. For now, however, Dillon continues to wait along with the rest of the country.

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