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‘I could actually be the second coming of Jesus Christ’: Gabbie Hanna posts over 100 concerning TikToks in one day

At one point, Hanna welcomes a stranger into her home.


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Posted on Aug 24, 2022   Updated on Aug 24, 2022, 6:35 pm CDT

Musician and internet personality Gabbie Hanna is trending online and raising concern after posting dozens of TikTok videos in just 24 hours, many of which include controversial topics.

Many of the videos, at least 100 of them in the past day, concern religion and race. Most have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times as viewers follow what they have dubbed a “psychotic break.” As Hanna made more videos, the view count went up, with several of them having been watched more than 1 million times; her most recent video at the time of publishing has hit more than 6 million views.

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The 31-year-old first rose to internet stardom in 2013 through the now-defunct social media app Vine. Since then, she’s amassed millions of followers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Hanna has made headlines before for getting involved in internet feuds and for publishing a highly-controversial poetry book in 2017.

Her recent string of TikTok videos has increasingly worried viewers as they are convinced they’re witnessing a “mania episode.” Hanna has been open about being diagnosed with a personality disorder before, but in the recent videos, claims to have “beat them” as she speaks about religion, philosophy, and race. At one point, she claims to have “teleported to heaven” she could save “your souls.” In another video, she says if people believe she “could actually be the second coming of Jesus Christ” they should share her videos with others to “share the good news.”


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In several videos, she insists that she is OK even as she made several videos responding to comments about the state of her mental health. (Previously, Hanna hasn’t been shy about her own struggles with mental health and how people have treated her because of those issues.)


♬ original sound – Trauma Queen

At one point, Hanna tells her followers that the police showed up at her house after her neighbors requested a wellness check. According to Hanna, the police left her a card that read, “did not meet the criteria for a hold.”

Other videos, in which Hanna makes numerous offensive remarks about Black people, babies, Indigenous people, and the transgender community, have also raised concern.

Some comments in early videos spoke of refreshing her feed for the latest video, but others expressed their concern, leading to a larger discussion of how someone can both be empathetic toward Hanna while condemning her remarks.

Things escalated, however, when on Wednesday, an alleged stranger “Nick” went to Hanna’s house and started posting his own TikToks from her home and appeared in some of Hanna’s videos. According to the videos posted by user @p.ui_, he was allowed into Hanna’s home after knocking on her door and asking if he could use her bathroom.


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“Wanna laugh your ass off?” Hanna says to the camera in one of her videos. “This is a stranger.”

In another video, Hanna “thanks God” that she woke up so she could help this “lost little angel.” She also calls him a “brother in Christ.”


♬ original sound – Trauma Queen

Nick filmed several TikToks from Hanna’s home. One showed him petting a cat in the house while another had the caption, “Just chillin with gabby Hanna.” In some of Hanna’s videos, they dance together in the bathroom and in front of a mirror. He also asks viewers for suggestions on how he could help Hanna’s situation.

In one of Hanna’s videos, Nick starts to look at her prescriptions. She asks him why he lied to her about the reason for coming into her home and tells him to get out of her house, which he said in a video that he did.

After he left the house, Nick made several videos defending his actions on why he went to Hanna’s house. In a TikTok Livestream, he admitted that he looked up where Hanna lived and said it was “public information.” And while some people praised him for offering to help Hanna, far more were disturbed that he found Hanna’s address and then went to her house despite not knowing her personally (and possibly did so for clout). Some accused him of feeding into her delusions instead of calling for help.

The majority of commenters have pleaded for Hanna to find help or to call a friend. Hanna even mentions in one video that a friend texted her to “get that man out of the house” in reference to Nick.

In her most recent video, Hanna says someone has broken into her house and asks for her viewers to pray for her.

“Somebody just broke into my house, please, please just pray for me just in case,” she wrote.

At the time of publishing, Hanna has not posted another TikTok, and many viewers are left wondering whether this is a “PR stunt” or if Hanna is indeed having a mental health crisis.

“I am so stressed. If this turns out to be a PR stunt I will never forgive this,” a top comment on her latest video reads.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Hanna’s agent for comment via email.

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*First Published: Aug 24, 2022, 6:34 pm CDT