Video shows flipflop couple costume


‘Creative and unexpected’: Friends dress up as a pair of flip-flops for Halloween

A pair of friends dressed up as a pair of matching flip-flops — the Internet loved them for it.


Jackie Ibarra


A pair of friends have gone viral for putting their best foot forward for Halloween—by dressing up as a pair of flip-flops.

The video starts with a scene straight out of some kind of horror movie, as TikTok user Macy Scism (@macy_scism) and a friend, known as Hallie Rhodes (@hallierrhodes), are seen parading up and down the street in the dark of night, dressed as a giant pair of menacing flip-flops. 

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The video, with over 7.9 million views, shows off their DIY-style costume, which seems to be made out of black cardboard, blue ribbon, and white sheets. 

The black cardboard forms the bottom of the sandal, while the blue ribbon is the strap that holds it together. It stands upright against their back, almost like they’re wearing it as a backpack. Scism and Rhodes seem to have taken on the most important part of the costume — the big toes that slide into the sandal.  

To be the big toes, the two covered themselves in white sheets, with their heads seemingly representing the big toe. Sticking to the correct anatomy of a foot, the girls also included the rest of the toes, which are made of stuffed fabric and somehow attached to the sandal.   

They even painted each of the costume’s toes red, mimicking a fresh pedicure. However, viewers can see eye and moth holes cut out of the sheets on the big toe.

Then, zooming out in slow motion, the camera shows that, together, the girls make one complete sandal, a right, and a left foot. The final shot shows Scism and Rhodes staring ominously into the camera, set to Mozart’s “Requiem.”

“The flip to my flop,” Rhodes wrote under the video.

Commenters have loved the unique costume the pair put together. 

“The most creative and unexpected Halloween costume I have ever seen,” one person commented. 

“How are ppl [people] so creative,” another person commented.  

“This is so funny,” one person wrote. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Scism and Rhodes via TikTok direct messages.

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