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Man catcalls flight attendant, is promptly kicked off plane

‘Ooh, sexy!’ is not the right response to in-flight safety training.


Jaya Saxena


Alaska Airlines reportedly kicked off a passenger after he catcalled a flight attendant on Sunday. Which raises the question: Even if you’re into catcalling, who the hell thinks catcalling someone in a metal tube in the sky is a good idea?

According to flight attendant Amber Nelson, the passenger in question shouted, “Ooh, sexy!” at a flight attendant demonstrating life-vest usage. And while he was right that nothing is sexier than safety, obviously the comment was incredibly inappropriate. 

“Before we could do more than glare in his direction, the flight attendant removed her vest, purposely walked up to him and said, ‘You need to be respectful,’ and started to walk back to her task. He said, ‘C’mon, I’m just playing with you!’” wrote Nelson on Facebook.

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An airline employee then boarded the plane and asked the catcalling guy to leave, despite his claims that he “didn’t do anything wrong.” Alaska Airlines confirmed Nelson’s entire story to the Daily Dot. “We stand behind the actions taken by our employees,” the official statement reads.

Let’s ignore for a second that catcalling doesn’t work and, in fact, makes women hate you. Let’s pretend we live in a world in which catcalling has even a decent chance of getting your flirtations returned. Why would you do this to a flight attendant? She is at work, buddy! She is not going to grab you by the shirt collar and drag you into the bathroom for a quickie. You are more likely to receive death stares for the entire flight. Don’t catcall, but especially don’t catcall when there is no escape.

Updated Oct. 12, 12:43pm CT: Includes confirmation and statement by Alaska Airlines, which are reflected in the headline.

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