Turn your First World Problems into charitable donations

Feel like telling the world about how tough it is to be middle class and white? Now you can and be charitable at the same time, thanks to a new website.

AllTheProblems.com is a site where individuals can post their First World Problems— complaints made by people who tend to live comfortable lives— and raise money to help out the less fortunate citizens of Third World countries.

Created by redditor ThunderingNuisance, the site aims to raise money for Blood:Water Mission, a nonprofit organization that helps bring water to African nations, through online advertising. Every time an individual submits a First World complaint, a new page is created on AllTheProblems.com. Each page also shows a tally and view count. For every 3,500 pageviews, the site raises $1, enough to provide one person in Africa with clean water for an entire year, according to Blood:Water Mission.

News of the novelty and charitable site first hit Reddit, when ThunderingNuisance submitted a post to r/self on Thursday evening. Since then, a link to it has also appeared in the r/firstworldproblems and r/adviceanimals subcategories, two of the more meme-centric destinations on the social news site, where it was favorably received.

According to the site’s creator, every single dollar raised will go to charity. “I want to be clear here,” ThunderingNuisance wriote, “ I’m not attempting to take advantage of reddit’s humanitarian side for personal gain; I will not be making a profit on this site.”

Despite being less than a day old, over 243 individuals have submitted their First WorldPproblems. Below is a sampling of the more popular bourgeois grievances. Unsurprisingly, they all deal with the subject of technology.

“My apple TV remote was on the other side of the room so I had to download an app to make my iPhone a remote,” whined mcrose.

“One commercial is way louder than the rest, so I have to keep turning the volume up and down,” complained Tessa Lauer.

“My iPad is in the other room so I have to play words with friends on my iPhone. The letters are so small,” moaned Annieshoe.

Screengrab via Know Your Meme

Fidel Martinez

Fidel Martinez

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