Dad commemorates newborn with a horrifying face tattoo

Meet 'Chris,' an aggressively proud new dad.


Dylan Love


Published Apr 20, 2015   Updated May 29, 2021, 12:53 am CDT

A Texas man identified only as “Chris” marked the occasion of his new fatherhood by marking his face.

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An expansive black-and-white tattooed portrait of his new son now covers the left side of his head. It’s wild. Here’s how he showed it off on social media:

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Before you react with shock and horror, you should know that Chris has something of a penchant for face tattoos. Here’s what the opposite side of his head looks like when he’s not wearing a hat.



The instant criticism over any tattoo that even approaches facial prominence is that the wearer becomes instantly unemployable. And this is a face tattoo of another face entirely. But rest easy—Chris became a certified electrician in December.

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Starcasm tracked down Chris’s Facebook page and shares this comment from his girlfriend. She wants her boyfriend to grow up and stop getting face tattoos:

No he I’d NOT tattooing anymore of his face this is why I didn’t want to have another kid and it jynxed us. But were going to try our best I guess and TRY to respect each other. I love chris with all my f***ing heart and I love this family. But I want us to be a happy and honest family for once and I’m hoping this child will be a girl so it will make him grow up a Lil bit more lol [sic]

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We’ll see how that goes.

H/T Opposing Views | Photo via Imgur

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*First Published: Apr 20, 2015, 6:55 pm CDT