person in bed with caption 'me blocking my ex so that he can be loyal to his fiancé bc he had a problem with stalking me and viewing every one of my insta stories' (l) LinkedIn on phone screen in hand (c) person in bed with caption 'views my LinkedIn profile on his wedding day' (r)

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‘LinkedIn is THE messiest social’: Woman who blocked her ex says he viewed her LinkedIn profile on his wedding day

‘My ex used to view my profile every day at 5am.’


Alexandra Samuels


Creeping on a former flame’s social media is usually a harmless act—if done in secret. But one TikToker claimed that she caught her ex-boyfriend in the act because he reportedly stalked her LinkedIn profile.

To make matters worse, according to Mare (@marerei), her ex stalked her page on his wedding day. As of Thursday morning, her video explaining the situation had over 1.7 million views.



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Mare said that she initially blocked her ex—presumably on all other social media platforms—so that he could “be loyal” to his new partner. She goes on to say that he “had a problem with stalking me and viewing every one of my insta stories.” The gambit didn’t work, however, as he later viewed her LinkedIn profile the day he got married. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Mare via TikTok comment. As of publication, it was unclear whether her ex reached out or if they engaged in conversation. But the TikToker noted that she told her ex’s fiancée about her soon-to-be husband’s behavior. 


“Oh, I told her lol,” Mare responded. 

Indeed, LinkedIn is one of the few social platforms that rarely affords its users anonymity. According to its website, users are able to see who viewed their profile on their respective dashboards. And while there are more incognito ways to creep through LinkedIn, doing so requires a bit of work. 

Because it’s hard to browse other’s profiles without going unnoticed, however, some TikTokers claimed that the app was “messy.”

“LinkedIn is THE messiest social and no one’s ready to acknowledge that,” one user said. 

“It’s ALWAYS LinkedIn,” another viewer commented.

Others claimed that past boyfriends and flings had engaged in similar behavior. 

“My ex used to view my profile every day at 5 a.m.,” one woman claimed. 

“A guy I went on 2 dates with in 2014 viewed my LinkedIn last week lmao,” said another. 

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