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Meet Emojli, the ‘world’s first emoji-only social network’

It was only a matter of time. 


Shadan Larki


Forget posts, tweets, pins, and snaps, because now you can communicate with your friends using a smiling pile of poo.

“We know that you’re thinking, ‘this is satire, no one would actually make this thing.’ It’s not, and we have,” says the video teaser.

Emojli’s creators—Matt Gray and Tom Scott—told the Independent that the site is 100 percent for real and will launch as a mobile messenger app. “If that lifts off, we’ll take it from there!” said Scott.

Emoji’s, the adorable icons we latch on to our iPhone messages are on there way to becoming an iconic (pun intended) part of pop culture. Emoji’s are now a significant part of how we use the Internet to communicate. It’s really only natural that emoji are going from being an accessory of social networks to having their own.

Go reserve your Emojli username before it’s too late.  


 H/T The Independent | Illustration by Max Fleishman 

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