january 2019 emoji horoscope

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Your Emoji-scopes for January 2019

In the New Year, it's time to let go.


Nayomi Reghay


Published Jan 1, 2019   Updated May 20, 2021, 10:27 pm CDT

Please note: These horoscopes, like emojis, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, leave what doesn’t.

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Welcome to the New Year! 2019 starts like all new years do, smack in the thick of Capricorn season.

Capricorns are notorious goal-setters and overachievers, always eager to self-improve and accomplish the most they can. At their best, Capricorns have a can-do attitude that makes no mountain too high, no obstacle so great that we can’t find a path around it. At their worst, Capricorns tend to ruminate over what’s gone wrong. As the sun illuminates this sign, we may feel pulled between a sense of unwavering optimism and a creeping melancholy.

Luckily goats are also goofy creatures. So this is a good time for us to laugh at ourselves—especially in moments where we find ourselves taking life a little too seriously. If we start the year off with a recharged ambition and a healthy dose of humor, we’ll be sure to climb to new heights—or at least a little higher than we did last time we attempted this particular mountain.

Highlights: On Jan. 5, the new moon in Capricorn, and a partial solar eclipse, will give us an opportunity to purge whatever no longer aligns with our goals. This is a great time to clear space, both literally and figuratively. Let go of what isn’t serving you and you’ll feel much lighter. It’s also a terrific moment to let go of any responsibilities that weren’t actually yours to begin with. Because they’re naturally reliable, Capricorns tend to take on more than their share of mundane tasks—especially if it means helping a loved one. This new moon reminds us that it’s OK to show up for others, but we’re most capable when we let go of imaginary burdens and responsibilities. 2019 is a year when big things can happen—but only once we release the things that have been holding us back.

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Other notable alignments: On Jan. 21, the full moon in Leo will be accompanied by a total lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses can reveal our shadow selves. With the moon in spotlight-loving Leo, this could be a perfect moment to recognize our hidden talents. What gifts do you have that you’ve hidden away for fear that they won’t be deemed worthy or useful? We may also become suddenly aware of the parts of us that crave love and attention, that have been yearning for a moment in the sun. If you’ve been honing secret skills or polishing a project before presenting it to an audience, this is your time to shine. Don’t worry about any negative feedback. Instead, take the stage knowing that criticism is often useful information that can make you shine even brighter in the future.


Capricorn: 💪⛏️💆🍇🌟

You may be feeling stronger and steadier these days. 2018 tested your mettle, but you survived it and, like any good Capricorn, you’re likely dusting yourself off and getting ready to climb some new mountains. But before you get your climbing gear on, take a moment to quiet your mind. Sometimes Capricorns are so busy planning out the future, that they fail to see how they’ve been getting in their own way. Before you blaze a new trail, reflect on any negative attitudes that have held you back in the past. Have you cried “sour grapes” to avoid feelings of disappointment, or worse, failure? Take a second look. Those grapes are sweet and so are you. And when you aren’t puckering up imagining the worst, you’re a very shiny star after all. Let yourself shine.

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Aquarius: 🙄➡️👩‍👩‍👧‍👧⚡😮

You may not be one for setting New Year’s resolutions because, come on, that’s so basic. But, Uranus, your ruling planet, stations direct on the 6th, giving you a boost of forward momentum. Even if you’re marching to your own beat, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the collective energy the new year brings. Take time this month to admire the beauty of everyone working side by side to bring about something better. You may discover teams you’d be thrilled to join, or thunderbolts of inspiration that wow and awe you. Enjoy the energy of this moment. Especially if you’ve been feeling jaded, it’s fun to discover you don’t know it all after all.

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Pisces: 📝💭😫🎨🖼️

This month may feel split in two for you. The first half is perfect for journaling, doodling, or listening to records and dreaming up your perfect new year. But mid-month you may feel challenged by people who do not share your dreamy, idealized vision of the way things could be. Instead of feeling defeated, take these challenges for what they are—learning opportunities that can propel you forward. The second half of this month is all about doing. In order to make your vision a reality, you may need people who challenge you to see the realistic limitations of what you’re hoping for. Once you accept these, you can get out of your head, pick up that palette, and paint something real.


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Aries: 🛥️🔋👀🌪️🎯

This month it’s full speed ahead for you. Whether you’re the first one at the gym, or simply crossing off your to-do list, you’ve got plenty of energy to spare. Just don’t forget to look before you leap. You might be tempted to dive into several projects at once with the hopes that keeping many fires burning will lead to greater success. But acting out with such a hectic intensity will only yield hectic results, and all that unfocused energy could leave you and those around you feeling scattered and burnt out. Instead of tornadoing through your days hoping to leave a mark, pause and take careful aim. You can hit your target, but you’ve got to select one first.



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You are diligent to a fault, and sometimes people may question your methods. Do you really need to work that hard to get the results you’re looking for? Isn’t it possible to lighten your load or take risks now and then? But all that laboring away has actually laid the groundwork for long-term lightness and ease. This month, give yourself permission to set down your burdens and let the hard work you’ve done lift you up. You may find some lightness in your step. Heck, you may find yourself completely levitating off the ground. Likewise, any internal work you’ve done should start to show external results. You’ll feel pretty. So don’t be shy. Strut your stuff. You’ve got the right to waltz into this new year feeling light and fancy-free.


Gemini: 📋☹️🎲🎮🎉

This month, your ruling planet Mercury moves into self-serious, taskmaster Capricorn. You may reflexively frown at this shift in energy. Geminis love to live moment-to-moment and they hate when things get heavy. But this month, the stars call on you to get responsible. And contrary to what you may believe, responsible doesn’t have to mean boring. If you lean into your power, you can actually have more fun than you have in the past. Instead of rolling the dice, think of life as a video game with secret levels that are ready to be unlocked. You’re the one holding the controller. And you’re ready to level up.

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Cancer: 🌚🔥🔮🔨👏

With a partial solar eclipse in your shadow sign of Capricorn, your hidden desires may come out to play this month. You’re probably also feeling hungry for certainty. You may find yourself looking for signs of what’s to come and how it will unfold. Instead of consulting a crystal ball, listen to the part of you that’s craving answers. When you get in touch with how you want to feel this year, you can take steps to build the future that’s best for you. The end of the month should end sweetly for you, especially if you poke your head out of your little Cancer shell and show the world all that you’ve been working on. Accept applause if it comes your way, and if you’re not getting enough of it, don’t forget that you can always give it to yourself.

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Leo: 🌝🎭🌀🌱🌻

This month culminates in a full moon in your sign with a total lunar eclipse, just as the sun, your ruler, moves into your opposite sign, Aquarius. This can be a time of tremendous push and pull, or it can be a time of sweet harmony and balance. It’s up to you to make the most of it. Are your circumstances tragic? Or are they comical? Will you laugh or will you cry? Or will you find a blissful point of balance in the middle of it all? Spend the beginning of the month sowing the seeds of what you want most, and by the end of the month, something beautiful will be in bloom.


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Virgo: 🌄🔭🌌👁‍🗨🎁

Big, big things are possible for you right now. You have a tendency to get bogged down by the details, but Capricorn season wants you to see past nit-picking to a place of greater possibility. You can move mountains, but only if you let yourself focus on the big picture. Zoom out. Then zoom out some more. Once you’ve got your vision, speak it aloud. People can only support you if they know what you’re working toward. You’ve got more resources than you know. If someone’s showing you support, pay attention. This is a time to invest in partnerships that give back readily and generously. Likewise, don’t be stingy with your energy for fear that there won’t be enough to go around. The more you give this month, the more you’ll get.


Libra: 🔥⚖️🏃💓😌

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You should be feeling a fresh fire under your feet this month. Venus, your ruling planet, moves into resilient, risk-taking Sagittarius on the 7th, and no one has more optimism, more boundless fiery energy than Sagittarius. If you’ve been weighing your options for what seems like forever, now is the time to stop considering and start moving forward. In fact, start running in whatever direction is calling your name. This month asks you to trust your gut. Listen to all the things that set your heart aflutter. You love to be fair and balanced, but see-sawing between options has made you dizzy. You’ll find greater peace by taking a leap.



You’ve had a long season of healing and feeling because let’s face it: At some level, you are always going to be interested in the darker side of your experiences. But this month, the stars are asking you to step into the light. Take note of all the places where you’ve healed and mended. Are you still holding onto some sadness? Is your sadness dearer to your heart than your joy? See if you can hold all of it a bit more lightly this month. If you were a baby again, how would you hold yourself? Tightly or gently? Rock yourself into a state of ease. Dedicate this month to calm and you’ll start the new year feeling both lighter and stronger.

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Sagittarius: 💰💏🤔🚪🔑

You’ve probably got money or love on your mind—or both! Why not? Shouldn’t you have it all? This month, the stars ask you to think about abundance and possibilities in new ways. When you take stock of what you have, is there already more than enough to go around? Get honest with yourself about where you perceive a lack versus what’s actually on the table. This is a time of possibilities, but only if you’re willing to expand your thinking. Where do you perceive closed doors? And what would it actually take to open them. A knock or two? Feel around in your pockets. You might already have the key.

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*First Published: Jan 1, 2019, 6:30 am CST