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Your Emoji-scopes for February 2019

Happy you season, Aquarius!

Feb 1, 2019, 6:40 am



Nayomi Reghay

Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, leave what doesn’t.

Welcome to Aquarius season. The water carrier is known for being icy and aloof, but this sign cares a whole a lot about the common good. If you’re an Aquarius or an Aquarius rising, the sun in your sign could mean some of the humanitarian causes that weigh so heavy on your mind will finally get some love and light from the collective.

Aquarius is also passionate about freedom as a personal concept. This air sign won’t be tied down. And whether you’re an Aquarius or not, this month is a good time to think about ways in which you might like to feel more free. Whether it’s a day trip to a little-known museum, or simply a journey in your mind with an unusual podcast, this month is a good time to find a means to disconnect that feels healthy and revitalizing. If you’ve been hammering away at new goals since the New Year, don’t forget to tap into moments of joy and spontaneity. That pile of work will be there for you when you return.

Highlights: At the beginning of the month, Venus enters dutiful Capricorn. Capricorn sometimes gets a bad rap for being a “boring” member of the zodiac, but Capricorn is actually the low-key Daddy. Capricorn knows how to turn on the smolder. The goat could also bring more dependability to your partnerships, and if that’s what you’re looking for, this month should be sexy as hell.

On Valentine’s Day, Mars will enter Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus. Mars is fiery, but Taurus is slow and sensual. Your connections might feel steamier than usual, and taking simple direct risks in the romance department could pay off big time. Don’t be afraid to slide into that DM, or send those flowers. Mars also rules our career ambitions, so if you’re not feeling so sexy, apply this energy to your workload. Be direct about what you want and don’t be afraid to ask for your fair share of the pie.

Other Notable Transits: On Feb. 18, the Sun will enter dreamy Pisces, just a day before the Full Moon in Virgo, Pisces’ opposite sign. This will be a time of energy for making our dreams a reality. If we want our biggest hopes to come true, the devil may be in the details. Dot those I’s and cross those T’s and don’t forget to give that email a second look before you hit send. Conversely, if you’ve got a tendency to get bogged down by perfectionism, don’t forget to let your dreams fuel your work habits. Keep your eyes on the big picture for the last days of February, and trust that you’ve got the resources and innate talent to see your visions through.

Aquarius: 🌚⚖️🌱🏅📣

Happy you-season, you visionary! The new moon gives you the opportunity to get quiet, and get focused. You have a tendency to get a little high and mighty, but that’s only because you’ve got quite the set of principles. Instead of judging the world from your moral throne, this month asks you to take action and plant the seeds of something new. It’s OK to space out and disconnect if it recharges you, but take a little action and you’ll be surprised how far your efforts can go. With your ruler Uranus revisiting go-for-the-gold Aries until early March, now is the perfect time to set your big ideas in motion. Reach out, connect, and share your vision with your friends and followers.

Pisces: 😌🛌🗑️✨💪

We swim into your season mid-month, and while everyone is panicking about winter doldrums setting in, you may actually feel at ease. No one loves to escape more than a Pisces and what more perfect time is there than deep winter for diving into a cocoon and hibernating in your own little dream world. That said, don’t miss out on all the practical opportunities that come your way this month. The full moon in your shadow sign of Virgo could illuminate all the little details you need to iron out. Even if you’re just reorganizing your record collection, taking this time to create a sense of order will ground you. Use this month to tune into the small things that help you to feel strong and safe.

Aries: ⚒️🚚💎😦⏰

This month you’ll be putting in overtime. Whether it’s in your bedroom or on the job, something or someone needs you to show them you’ve got what it takes for the long haul. You’re easily distracted by shiny things and momentary excitements, but impulsivity is not your friend right now. With your ruler Mars stationed in Taurus, random displays of affection or strength won’t wow the people you’re looking to impress as much as hard work and dedication. Don’t get it twisted—people adore your fiery spirit and your youthful optimism, but this month asks you to play the part of the grown-up. You may feel like you’re being asked to deny your talents, but you are simply being given the opportunity to show others that your gifts are diverse, abundant, and of practical use. Invest in showing up on time and being reliable this month, and you’ll open the door to wow them with your bursts of inspiration later.

Taurus: 🔥🎨💏🏃🏹

With fiery Mars stationed in your sign, you may be feeling more passionate than usual. You’re definitely a lover, but you tend to be very practical. Let the fiery energy that floods you this month spark creativity and connections. People know they can turn to you for support, and your dedication to your workload is unmatched, but this month isn’t about that. Instead of putting your nose to the grindstone, allow yourself to take risks and set your sights on big, ambitious goals. If you’ve got more pep in your step, run with it. Momentum is your friend right now. Take aim, take leaps, and you’ll be amazed at where you land. You’ve got the opportunity to take aim and shoot your shot. So take it.

Gemini: 💓👂💭👄🌲

This month your ruler, Mercury, moves into sensitive Pisces. Hence why you may be feeling more sensitive than usual. You may also feel more in tune with the feelings of others. Keep your ears open. You’re typically the friend people turn to for a laugh or a good time, but this month asks you to get a bit more tender than usual. This is also a good time to take stock of how you give voice to what you feel. Do your words match your dreams? Are you saying things that are more grandiose or self-limiting than the private visions you have for your future? Be vulnerable and transparent about your hopes and fears this month, and you’ll find the practical support your dreams need to take root and grow into something that will last.

Cancer: 🔃🤔👭💗🌄

Because you’re ruled by the moon, your emotions are frequently changeable. But this month gives you opportunities to create stability by thinking big and small about getting the support you need and the nurturing you offer. The new moon in Aquarius asks you to think about your principles. Are there any old habits you need to shed—gossiping, self-sabotage, denying your needs—to move into the kind of daily existence you truly crave? The full moon in Virgo gives you the opportunity to polish your communication skills. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. With Venus in your house of partnerships, you’ll be called on to think about what you’re bringing to your relationships and what you hope to get out of them. You have a tendency to withdraw when you feel vulnerable, but right now you need to open up to the people who want to partner with you most. Give your partnerships your big, generous heart this month and, together, you’ll move mountains.

Leo: 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧🤗🌊😩🏊

This month begins with your ruler, the Sun, in your shadow sign of Aquarius. You love to shine as an individual, but right now your focus should be on the friendships and chosen families that give you warmth. Where do you feel at home and who makes you feel most yourself? You love to entertain, but instead of seeking the spotlight, right now you’ll get the most out of investing in friendships where you can be your authentic self. On the 18th, when the Sun moves into moody Pisces, you may feel an urge to withdraw. Fiery Leo isn’t comfortable deep-sea swimming, but don’t be afraid to take the plunge into your dreams and your subconscious. The more you get familiar with your deeper feelings, and even your fears, the less power the waves will have to drag you down. In fact, if you can trust the tide to carry you, you may find yourself floating happily along with the current and enjoying the view.

Virgo: 🔍🌝👁️🖼️🌟

You love to tend to the details and organize, and sometimes that results in you working behind the scenes too often. But this month’s full moon in your sign wants you to shine bright and see things clearly. As the month kicks off, consider the projects you’re most proud of and most passionate about. With your ruler, Mercury, in your shadow sign of Pisces for most of this month, it’s a good time to look beyond the down-to-earth details and dream a bit grander. You like to run a fine comb through your plans to avoid any upsets, but what would happen if you planned for best instead of the worst? Your meticulous eye serves you well, but don’t let it obscure the big picture. Likewise, if great opportunities come your way this month, accept and celebrate them! Sometimes skepticism can save you from getting taken for a ride, but overthinking your options—especially if you’re only imagining disappointing outcomes—is a waste of your time and energy. Invest in what you want this month and it will pay off, big time.

Libra: 💰✋💁🚣🌏

This month is all about knowing your resources, their limits, and who you can turn to when you most need a helping hand. You tend to like to treat yourself lavishly to push away the doldrums, but be careful with that wallet. With your ruler Venus in practical Capricorn, this is a time to spend with consideration for the future. This may tap into deeper feelings of unhappiness and frustration for you; Libras want their fantasy life and they want it now. If you’re feeling depleted, think about the voids you might be trying to fill with that shopping spree you’re wishing you could take. You know how to make others feel adored and their lives feel abundant with a simple gesture or some kind words. But you are often confused about how to communicate your own needs for support. Do not worry that saying what you need will rock the boat. Capricorn in Venus wants you to know it’s OK if you need a break from doing all the rowing. Trust that others will be happy to return the support they’ve received from you. You don’t need to constantly please others to be loved and supported in return. If you make a conscious effort to let go of your self-limiting beliefs this month, your world will open up in ways that will surprise and delight you.

Scorpio: 🙍🕳️🕵️📝🐌

At the beginning of this month, your ruler Pluto forms a cardinal T-square to Mars in Aries and the North Node in Cancer. This kind of astro-weather tends to kick up feelings of lack, and it can be quite uncomfortable to notice ways in which our ambitions and power feel thwarted. That said, you are the creator of your own destiny, and it’s up to you to use this energy as an opportunity for learning and growth. Scorpios love a good mystery, so treat this period as one of intense investigation. Observe yourself closely. Notice when you feel powerful versus powerless, nurtured versus drained. Notice the ways you give and withhold. If you want new results, you’ll have to apply new methods, but don’t rush. Take your time to get familiar with what’s been missing. Accumulating lots of new friends or resources will only be worth your while if the things you call in truly align with your deeper needs.

Sagittarius: 😮💡🧠😆🍾

This month your ruling planet Jupiter will form a bi-quintile aspect to the True Node in Cancer. You may find yourself suddenly alert to patterns that have been helping or hindering your growth. Take full advantage of these eureka moments. You’ve come a long way from where you once were, and with your generous ruler, Jupiter, sitting in your sign, this is a time for happy expansion. Growth can be painful, but it can also be joyful and exciting. This is a time to celebrate everything you’ve learned from others and to set up new patterns for success. Do so and you’ll feel more abundant than ever.

Capricorn: ❤️🤑🙅👐🌹

Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and wealth is sitting in your sign this month. You are practical to a fault and sometimes it’s hard for you to let good fortune in. You prefer to work hard and earn your successes. But what harm would it do if a windfall of affection or wealth came your way? What would you lose by accepting that your circumstances are not always in your control, and sometimes that’s for the best? This month wants you to open up to the possibility that love is limitless. If you happen upon a moment of beauty or good fortune this month, soak it in. Stop and really smell those roses. They’re fragrant and the universe bought them just for you.

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*First Published: Feb 1, 2019, 6:40 am