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Emojiscopes: Your horoscope for May 2020

Taurus season is a good time to reconnect with routines that feel stable and supportive.


Nayomi Reghay


Welcome to Taurus season. No one works as hard as the bull, and no one rests quite as hard, either. With most of us still in quarantine, or slowly coming out of it, this month is a good time to reconnect with routines that feel stable and supportive. That can be a tall order when your normal feels, well, not normal. But the stars are making many harmonious transits this month. What once felt heavy might suddenly feel easier—even if it’s something as simple as finally get a good night’s rest!

Notable transits:

The sun will trine good-natured Jupiter from May 10 to May 26, so be on the lookout for opportunities to expand and grow. And keep an eye out for how abundance shows up. Maybe it’s a new job, but maybe it’s a helpful neighbor or an encouraging circle of friends. The sun will also form a trine to Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, from May 7 to May 23, giving us the chance to transform old pain and chaos into new wisdom and strength.

Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, leave what doesn’t.

Taurus 🍰👶🎁🛏️🌟

Sweet birthday baby! I’m sorry you have to spend your birthday in quarantine, but this month brings you small moments of bliss in between the hardship. If anyone knows how to indulge in a moment of rest or pleasure, it’s you! So lean into that sweet bite of cake. Savor that lazy afternoon nap. In terms of work, you may face some challenges this month, but trust that they’re here to help you grow. If you’re on the lookout for a new job, pay careful attention not just to the job description but to who you’ll be working with. Do they share your values? Do they seem like they’d value what you bring to the table? It’s time for you to level up to communities and partnerships that help you shine.

Gemini 💗🤑⏸️🤔↪️

Venus—planet of love, abundance, art, and beauty—has been in your sign since early April, and she’s with you all May long. You may have recently received an abundance of love, support, and opportunities. And there’s more to come! However, on May 13, Venus will station retrograde, asking you to rethink what has value and what doesn’t. Things that seemed like they were blossoming may come to a standstill. But it doesn’t mean disaster. This is simply a pause. A moment for you to consider what you’ve learned, to course-correct if necessary, and to polish up what you’ve decided to keep so you can make the most of it in the months to come.

Cancer 🌝🌺✍️😭🗣️

You’re ruled by the everchanging moon, Cancer, and this month kicks off with a super flower moon in Scorpio on May 7. That means you will be feeling everything very deeply, even for you. Don’t fear these intense emotions. This is an opportunity to clear out and let out everything you’ve been keeping inside. Light a candle, journal, cry, punch your pillow, howl at the moon if you need to! What you release will allow you to make room to plant the seeds of possibility when the new moon in Gemini arrives on May 22. If you can make peace with your demons in the first half of the month, you’ll discover a newfound gift for communication as it closes out.

Leo 🐌😩🤡📖😂

This month may feel a little sluggish to you. You have a lot of work to do, and you probably are longing for more opportunities to take it easy and play. You may also be missing feeling connected to friends and loved ones. Consider whether you feel alone because of quarantine, or if you’re feeling a little unseen because you aren’t letting the people you miss to see all of what you’re really feeling. It’s OK to be blue. The people who love you want to help you through this time. Try being an open book this month. Once you let your pain be seen, you can transform it into play and laughter—or even a work of art.

Virgo 🐂😓💁🤝💭

With your ruler Mercury in steady Taurus at the start of May, you may find yourself easing into a more sustainable pace at work. You may also be taking your responsibilities seriously and not want to let down those around you. But remember that no one goes it alone in this world. If you need help or support, it’s better to ask for favors than to play the martyr. Make sure the routines you’re building are designed to support you, not run you ragged. When Mercury moves into ideas-oriented Gemini at the end of the month, you may find yourself open to new ideas and new ways of working and doing. 

Libra 🛑😟💰🤔😎

This month, your ruler Venus stations retrograde in Gemini on May 13. You may find yourself with a sudden change in plans. Perhaps a reversal of what you thought you’d agreed to shows up. Don’t panic, though! This is a chance to review what you’ve been investing in and see if your efforts truly feel worthwhile. Consider how you’re spending your time and energy and what you’re getting back. Gemini loves to go in all directions at once, so if you’re feeling scattered, consider what trying out all these ways of doing things has taught you about what works for you. Think of it this way: You can try on a hundred different pairs of sunglasses and have loads of fun in the process, but you don’t need to purchase all of them to be happy. At some point, you just need to decide which shades actually work for you!

Scorpio ⚡☀️💉💪😌

This month gives you an extra jolt, an injection of sunshine. You may suddenly feel more optimistic than usual and not know why. It could be because no one weathers chaos quite like you, Scorpio. When things get bad, you get to know how truly tough and durable you are. And you’re damn proud of that impenetrable outer shell. But being optimistic can be an act of bravery, too. If you’re feeling hopeful, or simply happy to be where you are in the present moment, lean into it. Don’t search for storm clouds if there aren’t any. Let the sun shine down on you.

Sagittarius 😔🌞🌈🍭🤓

Last month, you faced many challenges. You may have felt dull or gloomy. But this month, your ruler Jupiter forms a harmonious aspect to the sun in Taurus, giving you the energy and determination you need to start shining again. This doesn’t mean everything will be rainbows and lollipops, though it’s OK to expect a few of those, too! It just means you’ll have an easier time adopting a sunnier outlook. You don’t have to pretend everything is great if it isn’t, but you can recognize what’s working and where you’ll be happiest spending your time and energy. 

Capricorn 🌟🙌🏆👏😌

This month the stars are on your side. Your ruler Saturn can make everything feel heavy and serious. But right now, Saturn is in airy Aquarius, and from May 14 to the end of the month, your normally austere ruler will form a helpful trine to the Sun in Taurus. Expect your efforts to pay off. You will get the job done, and you will get the recognition you deserve. Just be mindful that you don’t spend all of your time and energy on work. Take time to rest and play, and most importantly, celebrate yourself and all you’ve done! Applause is great, but the best validation of all comes from within. And sometimes, for you, it’s the hardest to get.

Aquarius 🙎😰⌛❓🚀

You may feel a bit serious this month as slow-moving Saturn moves through your sign, Aquarius. Small tasks may feel more daunting, or you may find yourself giving decisions more weight than usual. But it’s also a good opportunity to look at what happens when you’re willing to invest in long-term results. You may not see exciting shifts or changes immediately this month, but ask yourself what you’re willing to give when it comes to achieving goals that may seem loftier or just out of reach. If you really thought the sky was the limit, how hard would you work? How much would you risk?

Pisces 🌬️🚧🌱🤔💡

You really want to act like everything is easy breezy, but the universe keeps challenging you! It’s true that you’re just going with the flow, as you usually do, but this month you’ll have to consider ways you could grow, either in relation to others, in relation to your finances, or in relation to your creativity. How have you been limiting yourself, and where is there room to experiment more or play? You tend to make things work by responding to your surroundings or the needs of others, but right now, you’ll learn and grow more if you pay attention to ideas that pique your interest. Follow that flashing lightbulb hanging over your head and see where it takes you.

Aries 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦🌎👁️👟💫

This month, your ruler Mars will move from idealistic, community-oriented Aquarius into dreamy, wishful Pisces. You’ll get the most out of the work you do this month if you draw on your community to fine-tune your vision and reassess your goals. There will be room for more emotional dreaming down the road, but spend some time figuring out how you work well with others and what you bring to a group. You’ll feel more grounded and supported once you do. And then, of course, you can float on up to the clouds and envision the future of your dreams.

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