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Emojiscopes: Your horoscope for March 2020

It’s Pisces season, and these fishies are known for dreaming deeply.


Nayomi Reghay


Please note: These horoscopes, like emojis, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, leave what doesn’t.

Welcome to your March 2020 horoscope! It’s Pisces season, and these fishies are known for dreaming deeply and loving fiercely. But since we start the month off with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, you may feel as if your dreams are on hold. The beginning of the month could bring its share of delays, but resist the urge to get fatalistic. Detours aren’t always endings, and sometimes they bring us to stunning views we’ve never noticed before. On March 10, Mercury will station direct in Aquarius, sign of deep thinking and profound innovation. Solutions to problems that have plagued us will suddenly be everywhere. But we won’t want to put any big plans into motion until the end of the month when we’re out of Mercury’s shadow period. 

Other notable moments:

The full moon in Virgo and the new moon in Aries on March 24.

Pisces 🍰⛵🎁⛺🌇

This month brings you many sweet moments. You can savor them, devour them, or sail right through them at your own easy pace. Your natural gifts may come into the spotlight and make you want to retreat into your safe space. Maybe you want to run away to the woods to find solitude and peace. Wherever you are, remember that you can create your own little moments of calm by going within or looking to the sky. Sunsets are everywhere.

Aries 🏃🛑😡🌬️🚦

Go go go is your modus operandi this month. But the planets have other plans. When you feel like screaming, take a deep breath. Let the oxygen fill your lungs, your blood, your veins. You can be fierce, rapid, and full of energy even when everything around you is standing still. Red lights turn green eventually. Trust that you’ll get where you’re going—if you fill your tank.

Taurus 📒✏️🗑️😌💎

It’s back to the drawing board, Taurus. This month has you revising plans and reimagining your future. Things you thought were essential may now seem optional. Things you once held tightly may no longer seem so precious. If it wasn’t the golden nugget you thought it was, don’t fret so hard about letting it go. Open your hands and empty your pockets. You’ll be grateful for the extra space when new treasure arrives.

Gemini 🚢🎰🤹😰🕴️

Is life a cruise ship? A casino? Maybe it’s both. This month has you juggling two modes: taking it easy and taking big bold risks. You may start to feel anxious mid-month and wonder if you’ve placed your bets on too much of a long shot. The truth is, it’s safe to fail. Even if you win big, you’ll have to take more risks in the future. Focus on the joy of the leap, and you’ll be OK with where you land.

Cancer 😩🎭🤐💌💞

You need love this month. Big heaping doses of it. But please don’t give into the temptation to reach for it by acting out and stirring up drama. Maybe you aren’t conscious of this pattern, but kicking, screaming, and playing the victim won’t win you the real affection you crave and deserve. Instead, be honest and open about your longings. If you miss a friend or a lover, you can simply tell them. People respond much better to “I miss you,” than “Why haven’t you called?” Sending a little love out into the world could bring it back to you ten-fold. You can reconnect with some very valuable people this month, but only if you keep your heart open.

Leo 🌟☹️😩🐣😇

Baby, you’re a star. But, um, where are your adoring fans? You are dying for attention this month and the more your work for it, the more your performances seem to be falling flat. That’s because the universe wants you to be you. So give yourself permission to do less this month! See what happens when you simply show up. You’ll be surprised at how much people adore you when you aren’t pretending to be something you’re not. Could it be that you’ve secretly been extra fabulous all along?

Virgo 💁👿🔑🤓👂

Okay, perfectionista, you’re in overdrive this month, and you really need to slow down. A close friend, a partner, or a work collaborator may bring this to the surface, and you may not like what they have to say. Because let’s face it, you’re never wrong. But here’s the thing, that totally ridiculous thing they just said could hold the key to you working smarter—not harder—in love, work, or life in general. So keep your ears open and bite your tongue. You’ll learn a lot this month if you keep an open mind.

Libra 😍💌🎠🤔😇

Do you even know how much people love you? Like sincerely enjoy and adore you? Well, this month wants to remind you. You may receive messages from old loves or long lost friends. At times, you may feel like you’re on a merry-go-round of faces from the past. You like to keep everyone happy, so you may race to thoughts of “What do they want from me?” The truth is they may just want to let you know what a blessing you’ve been. Let them give to you instead. 

Scorpio 😃🌤️😎🍀🌈

There’s some pep in your step this month. You could be feeling lighter, less doom and gloom, and—dare I say—even cheerful? The sun is peeking out from behind those clouds, and you’re feeling good about it. But you may hesitate to share your good mood with those around you. You appreciate people who are real with you, and you sometimes interpret people who look on the bright side as fake or deceitful. But the truth is there’s a lot to smile about right now. Luck is shining on you. Rainbows are real.

Sagittarius 😰🏃🤔🙏🐕

Feel like running away? I mean, don’t you always, kind of, at least three or four times a year? This month challenges you to stay put. What happens when you sit with the discomfort of being still? Why does rest irk you so? Do you really fear boredom, or are you running from yourself or someone else? Get in touch with the cranky, itchy part of you that wants to run jump and play this month. See what happens when you train her to sit still instead.

Capricorn 💐👏😰🕸️🌟

2020 has big plans for you. Flowers, applause, abundance. It’s all coming your way! Many would cheer at this news, but this month, you may feel like you’d rather run and hide. In order to prepare for all the abundance that’s to come, spend some time getting familiar with your self-sabotage demons this month. Ask yourself what you fear about success. What feels safe about failure? The world is ready for you to shine, so clean out those thought cobwebs and get ready for your close-up.

Aquarius 🧪🤓💡👌🌎

You can be a bit of a mad scientist, but the ideas that pop into your mind mid-month are anything but crazy. If you have a spark of inspiration, or if you want to try to do something that once seemed impossible, GO FOR IT! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Humanitarian that you are, your big crazy idea could stand to help many people. So get into the lab and start that harebrained experiment you’ve always wanted to try. You’re bound to discover something incredible.


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