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Your Emoji-scopes for October 2018

Gear up for sweetness: It’s Libra season!


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Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t.

Welcome to your October horoscope! It’s Libra season, and that should mean plenty of fantasy, sweetness, and romance. We start the month with Venus, ruler of love, trine Neptune, ruler of dreams. Trines create an easy flow of energy. And with Venus sitting in deep, watery Scorpio and Neptune in swimmy Pisces, dreams that seemed too far-fetched can suddenly take deep roots in our hearts. This is a good time for all of us to look at the energy we put into making our dreams come true. How can we devote ourselves to the dreams that make our hearts sing? And what happens when we do?

That said, this month isn’t without plenty of challenges from the cosmos. From Oct. 9 through Oct. 19, the sweet golden Sun in Libra will square dark and chaotic Pluto in Capricorn. Libra’s love of harmony and celebration will be challenged by Capricorn’s unyielding demands that we always take responsibility for our actions and their repercussions.

From Oct. 9 through Oct. 13, a T-square between Mercury in Libra, Uranus in Taurus, and North Node in Leo will teach us some tough lessons about communication, progress, and growth. If we want to get to a more enlightened place, we need to be diplomatic without glossing over our personal truths. We need to strive diligently for balance, and we need to be willing to take up space, even when we aren’t getting the immediate accolades and applause we might crave.

An even tougher dose of tough love comes on Oct. 22, when a fixed T-square forms between Venus in Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus, and North Node in Leo. T-squares sometimes call upon us to figure out what’s missing. When we work from the heart to accomplish big, long-lasting change, what kind of support and sweetness do we need so that we don’t run out of steam? Scorpio loves to isolate and is always imagining the worst possible outcome. Don’t forget to reach out to the people who make you feel supported, and don’t be too proud to give voice to your fantasies of a best-case scenario. Things might not always go the way you’d like, but what if all your dreams really could come true? The sun in Libra gives us permission to dream bigger and sweeter than we have before.

As if we didn’t already have enough on our plate, Mercury in Scorpio will square Mars in Aries from Oct. 12 to Oct. 28. Aries, ruler of Mars, has no time for subtlety. Aries wants direct action and immediate results. But Scorpio prefers to work covertly, to speak softly, and to voice only a few meaningful words when necessary. Watch out for conflicts that come from playing it too cool or saying one thing when you intend to do another. This square can make us feel frustrated, like things aren’t moving in the direction we’d like or we aren’t getting all the information we need to move forward. But it can also be an opportunity to learn patience, restraint, and pouncing when you see your prey. If you’re looking to make career moves this month, keep putting your feelers out there, and go for it when the moment feels right.

Finally, we close out the month with a grand trine between Jupiter in Scorpio, North Node in Leo, and Chiron in Pisces that will start on Oct. 26 and last through much of November. Chiron rules our wounds and Jupiter wants us to expand through study and travel. With the North Node in Leo pulling us to learn and grow into a sunnier, more abundant existence, this is an excellent time to get away and bring a good book. Whether it’s a big hiking and camping excursion or a short trip to an unfamiliar cafe, activities that take us out of our element but still offer privacy and seclusion will prove to be more healing than usual. And we’ll enter Scorpio season with surprising insights about wounds both collective and personal that once seemed too deep to heal.

Read on for your personal horoscope. If you know your rising sign, read that too.

October Emoji-scopes

Libra: 👸💅🌪️🍭🕳️

You are the fairy princess of the zodiac, and you probably have a gift for waving your magic wand and making your best friend or boo’s dreams come true. But it’s your birthday season, so treat yourself to the finer things: a nice manicure, a soft new sweater, that jewel-encrusted tiara you’ve always wanted. Just make sure your house is in order before you go out to play. With Pluto in Capricorn squaring the Sun in Libra for most of October, you may be in for more upheaval than you’d like. Libra loves romance and fantasy, but Capricorn wants to bring you down to earth. This may make you want to disappear completely, but you’ll get better results if you show up. Be more frank and honest than usual. The people who matter most will appreciate it. Let go of your need to please. Telling people what they want to hear might smooth things over in the moment, but too much sugar-coating will lead to big messes down the road.

Scorpio: 🐚💓📲🚪🔐

You crave privacy and solitude, but this month the planets are lighting up all over for you. With Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter all making big splashes in your sign, you will find yourself receiving lots of love, useful (and possibly previously hidden) information, and opportunities to expand your world through journeys both figurative and literal. Shake off the temptation to just stay home and remember that being out and about doesn’t mean you’re naked to the world. You still have your protective armor with you at all times, should you need it. And you get to choose how much or how little you wish to say. But speak up when you feel the urge.

Sagittarius: 🙄✈️🚵🎧😌

Things should be going pretty smoothly for you these days. You’ve been working hard, and your efforts are paying off in more ways than one. If you haven’t been jumping into new environments or new activities, you may be feeling bored and restless. Remember that ease itself is a gift, and quiet doesn’t have to equal dullness. There are little ways to turn ordinary days into a new adventure. You don’t have to hop on a flight halfway around the world to bring joy and play into your days. Find a new podcast or put together a new playlist. Bike to work along a different route.

Capricorn: 💥😓💡🕵️😂

This month will shake up your usual routines in ways that might unnerve you. But, if you are willing to lean into the chaos, you might discover great freedom in tearing down your old ways of doing things. There are new ways of working, loving, and living available to you now. Let go of your tendency to strive for public achievements and goal posts. Your real goal this month is simple: Be present. When you focus on the present moment and let go of your fixed ambitions, you’ll get way more done—and you’ll have a surprisingly good time doing it

Aquarius: 😡🌍👭💛🛠️

You’re one of the most principled signs of the zodiac, and this month is pushing many of your buttons. Global injustices have left you world-weary. You’re normally cool-headed and even-tempered, but you can’t stand it when people behave in ways that you find immoral and unjust. Trust that the lessons that need to be learned are unfolding in their due time. Don’t bang your head against a wall arguing with bull-headed opponents. You may be tempted to go into total seclusion to get away from all the noise, but you’ll do better if you bring an ally or two. You like your independence, but make the effort to invest in a good friendship or two this month. It’s much easier to build that escape bunker when you’ve got a helping hand.

Pisces: 🆘🌠💞🛏️🔋

No one is better at dreaming than you. And, while some may think you’re spacy, the truth is this is your greatest strength. The world needs your dreamer energy, and this month you may be called on to heal and support many a friend, loved one, or even an acquaintance or two. This is an opportunity for you to put your strength into action. But don’t forget to invest in your own dreams, too. You are generous and willing, but even a deep well can run dry. Give yourself the rest and quiet you need to recharge and beware your tendency to imagine you can rescue everyone. Let the ones you love love you back. Don’t be afraid to take off your cape in moments where you need rescuing, too. If you’re willing to let it in, lots of love will be available to you.

Aries: 🔥🎯🏅🚨👂

There is always a little fire in you, but this month you are on fire. This can spell spectacular success, but be careful where you aim. Whatever you do this month, people will take notice. You may be tempted to put everything on the line and go out in a blaze of glory. But before you light that fuse, be sure to ask yourself if getting recognition is worth it if you blow up your immediate surroundings in the process. Look for ways you can bring your fire and spunk to the table without burning any innocent bystanders. Be mindful that not everyone can handle your level of directness. Some truths need time to be teased out, and someone you might perceive as a foe may just need a little coaxing and patience to transform into a treasured ally and friend.

Taurus: 💻😩💪🏋️🤓

Ooh, baby. You are putting in the work. This month you are trying to move mountains, and if there’s anyone up for that task, it’s you. You may be under the illusion, however, that you’re doing it alone. That simply isn’t true. Libra season offers you new perspectives on harmony and balance. The very elements that appear to be in opposition to you will offer the exact illumination and assistance you need to move forward. Remember that every enemy is a potential teacher: Even a loud and obnoxious colleague may bring useful messages for you about adjustments that are necessary to achieve long-lasting growth.

Gemini: 🤐😶🃏👯✨

You love to gab, and gossip always finds you—especially during fun-loving Libra season. Be careful, however, that you handle the secrets of others with care. People may be confiding deeply in you right now, and if you aren’t careful, you could deeply damage their trust. Be aware that your boundaries may not match those of the people who are seeking support. Your best bet is to use your gift for lightness and play to lift the spirits of your loved ones. Break out the board games, the playing cards, or the karaoke kit, and get the party started. Playing and doing can be just as healing as the long, involved conversations you’ve been having lately. So get the party started; everyone will be grateful once you do.

Cancer: 💌😒🌱🏳️💕

Love is in the air, but, for the moment it may feel like it’s only a dream, just out of reach. This is the perfect time to take an honest look at how you relate to others and how you (consciously or not) create chaos where there could be sweetness. You want the love and affection you bestow upon others, but when people offer it to you, you tend to dismiss it as unnecessary, or worse, unreal. This month wants you to open up to the possibility that tenderness is nearer than you think. The planets want you to be honest about what’s missing; sometimes if you don’t ask, you can’t receive. You may find that you’re the main obstacle to your own comfort. Let go of your tough outer shell and let the love in. If someone is showing you kindness right now, no matter how small, believe it.

Leo: 🎙️👏🤗💔💝

This month you are a learner and a teacher. You know how to add fun and warmth to most any situation. And this month you will shine a light on those who need it most. If you’ve been struggling to find your footing, you’ll be surprised at how much admiration and affection comes your way this month for how much you’ve grown. You should also prepare to be open to the bigger lessons that are coming your way about hard work, perseverance, and empathy. You love the spotlight and the spotlight loves you, but taking the stage without taking note of your audience will yield less than golden results. Dig deep into your most compassionate self. Practice patience for all and the sun will shine much brighter, both on you and on everyone else, too.

Virgo: 😖📝📆⏸️🎀

As the perfectionistic planner of the zodiac, the ambiguity of Libra season may frustrate you. You like to have all your facts in place, all your ducks in a row. You may be fine-tuning a project at this very moment, or firing off a series of follow-up emails. If some projects (or partnerships) are currently in limbo, consider that this may be a gift. You have much more freedom when plans aren’t nailed into place. Use this wiggle room to adjust and refine what you want and how you want to make it happen. Know that delays are simply a chance to show up with a more polished version of yourself and your talents. Take notes on what works and what doesn’t, and take your time to make necessary corrections. The inner and outer work you are doing right now will pay off later.

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