This election is ruining sex for everyone

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It’s probably safe to say that, no matter your political leanings, nobody is turned on by this election. It has been going on for what feels like 30 years at this point, and two of the main issues are sexual assault and email server security, the least sexy topics I can think of. So if sex is the last thing on your mind, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

According to a survey from fertility app Kindara, users report that their sex lives have been negatively impacted by this election. However, it appears those who identify as Democrats have been having it worse. Republican women were more likely to say that having sex was more important than watching the debates, and that they’re looking forward to having sex on Election Day more than voting.

“Democrats seem to be the most affected by campaign negativity, with 19 percent of respondents indicating a negative impact on their sex lives (compared to 9 percent of Republicans),” said the survey. And 11 percent of women overall said the debates specifically had a negative effect on their sex life. Also, Republicans tended to have sex slightly more than Democrats, at 2.5 times a week compared to 2.3.

It’s well documented that Americans are reporting higher levels of stress and anxiety in this election than in previous years, which would absolutely affect anyone’s sex life. That anxiety is pretty even across party lines, but Democrats could be facing higher anxiety because of the issues on the table. While Republicans may feel anxious about Clinton’s proposed immigration policies and taxes, those voting against Trump are probably concerned about his comments about sexual assault, and the multiple allegations made against him. And it’s a lot easier to linger on sexual assault when you’re in the bedroom than it is on taxes.

Only less than a week until we can all, hopefully, comfortably bone again.

Jaya Saxena

Jaya Saxena

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