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‘Thanks for the extra flavor’: Customer finds plastic glove in his Dunkin’ smoothie

‘The fact they didn’t even give you a free drink.’


Lauren Castro


In a series of viral videos, a TikToker known as @lightlyseasoned claims that he found a glove in his Dunkin’ smoothie. 

“@dunkin thanks for the extra flavor,” he wrote in the caption. 

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The creator claims that as he was sipping on his drink, he realized there was something in it. Using his straw, he found something plastic and thought it might be the smoothie packet.

“I just found the most disgusting thing in my drink at Dunkin,” he wrote in the text overlay.

To be sure, he asked the cashier what the object was. She pulled out the plastic object and yelled over to the employee who made the drink.

“Don’t you look inside the cups before you make a drink? There’s a glove in here,” the cashier asked the employee, according to @lightlyseasoned. 

After both employees inspect the drink, the TikToker was left shocked and confused watching a potentially used glove being fished out of his drink. @lightlyseasoned asked for a refund, and the cashier said she was unable to issue any refund without the manager present and that he would need to come back the next day.

“I don’t think you understand. It’s not like ‘oh this smoothie tastes bad,’” the creator says to the camera. “It was a glove in the fucking drink. I’m at war with Dunkin’ Donuts. Never again.”

In the comments section, users wondered alongside the creator why they didn’t offer him a free drink or a refund.

“Why didn’t they like remake it? I’ve worked at Dunkin. They could have just made it, we used to make ourselves drink whenever we want,” one user commented. 

The creator responded, saying that he “really wasn’t mad about it until they just both looked at the drink and then just went back to work as if I wasn’t just standing there.”

“Isn’t that [a] choking hazard?” another user asked.

“The fact they didn’t even give you a free drink,” a third user said. 

In the second video, @lightlyseasoned explains that he went back to the Dunkin’ location with his coworker Hercules, who also had complaints, and told the manager about the glove incident.

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The TikToker says the manager was also confused and gave the creator $5 from the cash register and an unspoken free Dunkin’ discount with use of the manager’s name at checkout.

“So many things could’ve gone wrong of possibly having a used glove in my drink,” he says. “I was like ‘not to be a dick about it but…I don’t think I want anything from here ever again.”

The creator revealed that he filed a corporate complaint to Dunkin’ and has yet to hear back. 

In the third and final video, @lightlyseasoned clarified parts of the incident due to “dumb” comments in the comment section.

“I could give a fuck about the $5,” he says. “Clearly, it was just the fact that they were so rude when I brought it up to them. They looked at the drink and just literally went back to work. No apology, no nothing.”

He adds that though the workers technically didn’t have the authorization to issue a refund, he believes they should’ve done so and explained the situation to their manager afterward.


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“What if I was like a ‘Karen’ and going off about finding a disgusting glove in my drink?” he questions. “Yeah, yeah you can give the refund. It’s not the end of the world. I didn’t ask for $100 out of the cash register. It’s a huge corporate company, they’re not gonna be crying about a $5 loss.”

The TikToker concludes that he has yet to return to the Dunkin’ location.

The Daily Dot reached out to @lightlyseasoned via TikTok comment, as other methods of contact were unavailable, and Dunkin’ via email. 

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