Texas man arrested for allegedly trespassing during drag queen storytelling activity


A man in Houston, Texas was arrested last Saturday after he allegedly trespassed on a drag queen-themed children’s storytelling session at a Houston library.

James “Doc” Greene Sr. reportedly was protesting an ongoing session of the Freed-Montrose Library’s “Drag Queen Storytime,” which has taken place about once a month since August.

Greene shared a video of the incident on his Facebook on Friday, which has since received more than a thousand views.

The video starts with the man behind the camera asking, “How am I trespassing?”

“You’re inside the building,” says an officer at the scene. “They don’t want you here.” The library had apparently banned Greene after an earlier incident in which he was filming children at the library, according to Jodi Silva of the Houston Police Department. 

In the video, Greene challenges the officers to “cite the law” that defines why his actions qualify as trespassing, after claiming he has a media pass.

Greene was then arrested outside the library, where the police discovered a weapon on him, Outside Magazine reported.

“It turns out that being a Christian standing quietly in the corner is not acceptable in today’s modern society,” he said of the incident in another Facebook video captioned “Right Side Of The Mic.” Greene said the drag queens were “a group of homosexuals that are sexualizing young children and trying to teach them the virtues of homosexuality.”

In the video, he is seen seated in front of stand-up cardboard posters of President Donald Trump and former president Ronald Reagan.

According to Texas law, “trespassing” is considered the “act of entering or remaining on the property of another person without their consent.”

Records show that the Freed-Montrose Library is a public library.

Samira Sadeque

Samira Sadeque

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