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‘Not the Dennys server looking down on customers’: Denny’s worker tries shaming table that came in for baby shower and asked for separate checks. It backfires

'If u don’t like ur job then quit.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 27, 2023

Splitting checks has become a hot-button topic on TikTok. In a viral clip, a Denny’s server sparked debate after shaming a table that came in for a baby shower and asked for separate checks.

The five-second clip featured TikTok user @susalva as she shares in the text overlay, “POV having a baby shower @ dennys and all separate checks.” The TikTok audio yells “side eye” a couple of times while the camera pans over the restaurant. The worker provides an update in the caption, writing, “They ended making it a baby shower/ birthday.”

@susalva They ended making it a baby shower/ birthday 😭😂 #Dennys #ghetto #SideEye #severlife #severtiktok #Funny ♬ original sound – deffonotcami

The Daily Dot reached out to @susalva via TikTok comment. The video garnered over 132,000 views as of Feb. 27, where viewers agreed with the content creator about splitting checks in a large party.

“Girl tell them no! right off the bat I tell larger parties I can only split it 2 ways & they can Venmo each other or something lmao,” one viewer wrote.

“As i server i understand lol, i always tell big parties no split checks especially when everyone is ordering random shit and moving tables lmao,” a second agreed.

“It is to my understanding that the host of the party must feed their guests. That is just tacky,” a third said.

However, the majority of the comments criticized @susalva for shaming the customers, with one user writing, “Not the Dennys server looking down on customers.”

“Girl that’s your job, why you complaining,” another criticized.

One user said, “Idk when I was a server I didn’t mind splitting the checks at all,” to which the creator replied, “It wasn’t even the splitting the checks part it was mainly the baby shower @ a Dennys.”

Another user wrote, “You’re so weird for judging them and posting this.” The creator replied that the customers were the weird ones “for not getting the room meant for party’s/events.”

“I’m sure they tipped you,” a user said. “Why are you complaining on working an extra 3 minutes to split the check.”

The employee clarified in a comment that the reason she was miffed was because the customers stayed for four hours.

“[They] took 3 tables of mine then tried to take a boost, which left me with only 3,” she said. “Only tipped $25 bby that’s not close to 20%.”

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*First Published: Feb 27, 2023, 3:51 pm CST