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Daughter returns home from overseas for Christmas surprise

Yes, she’s actually home for the holidays.


Michelle Jaworski


One daughter living overseas offered her parents the best possible present for the holidays.

The woman, who lists her name on YouTube as L. Behr, secretly returned home for her dad’s 70th birthday and Christmas and decided to surprise everyone. She waited at home for her parents, who were at a Christmas party across the street.

When Behr revealed herself, the scene proceeded exactly the way you’d expect. Behr is far from the first person to think of this trick, but her parents’ reactions of pure joy are enough to give you a lump in your throat all the same.

“My mom’s voice hit octaves we’ve never heard before!” she wrote.

Happy Holidays to Behr and her family. They certainly seem happy already.

Screengrab via L. Behr/YouTube

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