If you’re sick of the internet, this father-son walk to school will make you believe in good things again

Kids, they grow up so fast. First, it’s kindergarten, then it’s college. Then it’s going viral for tweeting a lovely photo set with you dad.

Charles Brockman III says he has enjoyed his walks to school with his father, Charles Brockman Jr., his entire life. And now that he is off to Mississippi State University, the family decided to take one last father-son “walk to school” photo during college move-in.

The teen’s tweet of the side-by-side photos has since gone viral, with many Twitter users cherishing the bond between the father and son. They wished the family well and the teen luck as he headed off to college.


Oh, and some pointed out that Dad has some killer dreadlocks.

So what did father and son talk about? Charles Jr. spent the walk giving his son advice, preparing him for the future.

“He’s been giving me advice all my life leading up to this,” Brockman III told Fox 11. “He tells me to be smart, represent the family well, go to class, and work hard. I plan on following all of that and more to make my family proud.”

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Ana Valens

Ana Valens

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