Dad realizes he's been using dog shampoo for a month


‘I didn’t see the paw there’: Dad realizes he’s been using dog shampoo for a month

‘At least we know he’s flea free and puppy fresh.’


Tricia Crimmins


People online are barking with laughter after a man realized that he had used almost an entire bottle of shampoo on his hair—without noticing it was meant for dogs.

In a TikTok posted on Thursday, Bella (@bellaamtz) captured her father Jorge’s reaction when he learned that the combination shampoo-and-conditioner product he had been using on his hair was for dogs.

The product’s packaging has a paw print on it.

“Oh my god, are you serious? I’m almost done with the whole bottle!” Jorge says in the video. “I didn’t see the paw there.”

Laughter is heard in the background. Jorge again states that he’s been “showering with dog shampoo this whole month.”

“I’m an idiot,” he says. On Thursday, Bella’s video had over 520,000 views on TikTok.

@bellaamtz Dad has been using dog shampoo for a WHOLE MONTH😂😂 #jorgetiktok #dogshampoo #madjorge #dogsoftiktok #shampoo #dumbdumb ♬ original sound – Bella

Bella’s TikTok videos focus on her dad’s reactions to pranks and other life occurrences.

In general, dog shampoo shouldn’t be used on human hair because it is formulated with a pH level for dogs—not humans—and it is less effective.

Commenters on Bella’s video thought that her video about her father’s bottle of dog shampoo was as funny as the people who laughed at his reaction in person.

“THE BOTTLE SAYS IMPAWSIBLY CLEAN,” @melodymor_ commented.

“At least we know he’s flea free and puppy fresh,” @annieorti95 wrote.

“Your dad got that dawg in him,” @bigtexdyl commented.

“No wonder his fur looks shiny,” @jesus23_b wrote.

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