awesome letter from tooth fairy

Screengrab via Kellie Dawson/Twitter

This two-page story has it all.

If you were lucky, you might have gotten a note from the tooth fairy under your pillow growing up, maybe two. But most parents seem to quickly tire of the schtick, or at least phone it in. 

One dad in the U.K., however, went well above and beyond for his stepdaughter, Scarlett. He penned a two-page note that packs in about a dozen puns while weaving a backstory about the tooth fairy that involves a Bermuda vacation, a leprechaun, Uber, a tractor, and so much more. It’s a delight. 

Here’s a version that’s a little easier to read. 

Mother Kellie Dawson clearly appreciated the effort. 

Here’s hoping for a sequel. 

H/T Mashable 

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