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‘Did they cook it on the grill with the f*cking Styrofoam?’: Customer receives Uber Eats order in melted Styrofoam plate

'Nah cause why wouldn’t they just transfer it to a new box.'


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Mar 4, 2023

A video featuring a fast-food customer’s disturbing burger order has gone viral on TikTok.

The video in question was recorded by TikToker @prettyboymuova and shows an unpleasant sight: the styrofoam container holding their burger, fries, and gravy has completely melted, leaving a sticky mess inside. 


The station did me dirty there’s gravy and pizza dough and sauce everywhere lmfao

♬ original sound – 😌prettyboy😌

As the TikToker inspects the order, they remark, “I’m never ordering from here again, look at this shit. What the fuck? Did you cook it on the grill with the fucking styrofoam?”

With its view count now exceeding 973,400 as of Saturday, the viral TikTok video has triggered a lively discussion among viewers, who are speculating on what could have gone wrong.

Commenters were split into two camps, with some suggesting that the Styrofoam was microwaved, while others believed that it was left under a heat lamp for too long. 

One viewer wrote, “Guess you learnt your lesson with a microwave.”

Another commented, “It was left under a heat lamp, means your order sat for awhile.” 

“They left it under the heatlamp too long,” another echoed. “In other words, they forgot to make the rest of your food after this plate was done.”

Some viewers expressed concern for the customer’s health, with one writing, “I don’t think that’s safe to eat.” 

Other users offered their own theories, with one commenter speculating, “Prob had another hot order on top of it.. sometimes this happens when you order instead of picking it up yourself.”

A further commenter asked, “You did not eat that food after this video, did you?” which triggered a video response from the TikToker, where they humorously replied, “I was hungry and baked, leave me alone.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @prettyboymuova via TikTok direct messages where they revealed that the restaurant in question is a local restaurant in Windsor, Ontario called “The Station.”

When asked about their experience with the restaurant, they replied, “I ordered through Uber Eats, and I’ve only went inside to eat 10 years earlier once and never went back because the kitchen looked unclean.”

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*First Published: Mar 4, 2023, 2:41 pm CST