Awesome lingerie brand runs body-positive reboot of Victoria’s Secret ad

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Last year, Victoria’s Secret came under fire for an ad that displayed a lineup of Angel bombshells with the caption “A Body for Every Body.” Almost immediately, women started taking offense to the assertion that the women represented “every” type of female body.

Victoria’s Secret

Now, the UK lingerie company Curvy Kate is launching a contest to find its next poster girl—and it’s making a not-so-subtle dig at that tone-deaf Victoria’s Secret ad in the process. 

The company, which specializes in bras for women with D-K cups, decided to run a campaign showing that it actually offers styles for every body type, with an ad featuring women of all shapes and sizes in nude bras and underwear.

Curvy Kate via Glamour UK

Fans of the brand can vote online for the next Curvy Kate out of the top 10 finalists, who were selected after the brand put out a call for entries in their “worldwide curve celebration.” 

“We make beautiful lingerie and swimwear that looks amazing on a wide range of figures and sizes, so we want models who represent this,” the website says. 

“We came up with the idea as we truly believe that there isn’t one type of perfect,” Chantelle Crabb, a PR and marketing exec with Curvy Kate, told Glamour UK. “The women in the [Victoria’s Secret] campaign are beautiful, but we think that every woman is beautiful in her own right and should be represented fairly in the media too.”

The voting period ends on Tuesday, with a winner announced on April 9th. 

H/T Glamour UK | Image via Curvy Kate

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas

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