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ESPN’s Curt Schilling under fire for sharing anti-transgender meme

The post has cost Schilling his job at ESPN.


Josh Katzowitz


From the man who thought it’d be a good idea to compare Muslims to Nazis on social media and from the ex-jock employed by ESPN, here comes another good old-fashioned social media attack from Curt Schilling on somebody who looks and/or thinks differently than Curt Schilling.

The former Red Sox pitcher took to Facebook on Monday and shared this anti-transgender meme that supports those who believe transgender people should use only public restrooms that correspond to their birth gender. (The state of North Carolina for instance.)

He also captioned the photo with this.

Not surprisingly, Schilling eventually deleted it. But he also went on a rant on his personal website in which he wrote, “Let’s make one thing clear right up front. If you get offended by ANYTHING in this post, that’s your fault, all yours.”

Schilling didn’t do much to address the transgender meme that he had shared and then deleted, though he did point out he didn’t technically create the meme. But he went on to write the following:

1. The meme the world decided to rally behind that I posted months ago. The meme that some of you clowns and more of you spineless looking to be offended folks turned into something it was not. Every one of you gutless cowards, when ‘calling me out’ or calling me a racist, every one of you left out the only word in that entire meme that mattered. You had to, otherwise you’d have had to go elsewhere to find offense and create something out of nothing. Let me help you now. All of you fraudulent media folks, you lazy ass “don’t actually want to work for a story” clowns. The word you left out? the ONLY word that mattered? EXTREMIST. That word being omitted creates two completely different posts with two very different meanings. I don’t dislike or hate Muslims, or people of the Islamic faith. Ask my friends that are both. But then again you all knew that, but when you omit the word extremist you create a person that doesn’t exist and have a story with traction, even if it is a complete lie.

2. This latest brew ha ha is beyond hilarious. I didn’t post that ugly looking picture. I made a comment about the basic functionality of mens and womens restrooms, period.

Thus, it would appear that Schilling isn’t exactly sorry about sharing the meme, as he explains in the next 539 words of his post. It’s unclear if his employer feels the same way.

ESPN told Yahoo it was looking into the matter but hasn’t made a determination about Schilling’s share.

Update 8:22am CT, April 21: Schilling has been fired from ESPN following his anti-transgender share.

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