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‘The stovetop is cleanable why am I not allowed to do this’: Man cooks steak on electric stove like it’s a hibachi grill, sparking debate

‘Now I’ve really seen it all.’


Brooke Sjoberg


A video showing a person attempting to use their glass-top stove as a hibachi grill has inspired discussion on TikTok, where some users are begging viewers not to try it themselves.

In the video, a person flips a slice of meat on their glass-top stove, spraying it with cooking oil to prevent it from sticking. Posted by user Parker (@71199p), the video has been viewed over 10 million times on the platform as of Saturday.

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Some viewers found the idea of using a glass cooktop as a hibachi grill, a traditional Japanese cooking device often used in restaurants in the U.S., to be a bad one.

“The stove top is made to have pans in the way of the food, it would heat up too fast and burn the outside and leave the inside raw,” one commenter wrote.

“How am i the only one in this comments section thinking about grease fires,” another viewer wrote.

“Every substance has a combustion point,” a user said. “Fire needs fuel, heat, and oxygen; all are present here.”

Other viewers, whether joking or not, were not convinced that they couldn’t use a glass cooktop in this way.

“Honestly, tell me one good reason not to do this,” one commenter wrote.

“Lowkey always wanted to do this,” another user said.

“Realistically… the stovetop is cleanable why am i not allowed to do this,” another argued.

The Daily Dot reached out to Parker via comment on the TikTok video.

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