Experienced college girls totally willing to take your V-card, nerds

This article contains sexually explicit material.

The most important questions one must ponder while entering college are “Am I ready to live in a world where my parents aren’t around every day?”, “How do I manage my money?” and “Should I really drink that last shot with my 8 a.m. class beginning in five hours?”

And, of course, “Would you be the first to have sex with a virgin?”

While the answers to the first three questions might try the soul of a college freshman, the last query apparently is easy to answer. Especially if you go to school in Santa Barbara, California. A YouTuber called Michael A. Vera, who goes by Pokeflirt, went into the trenches to ask the bikini-clad ladies the hard questions about being a man’s first. 

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“Cool that everyone said sex with virgins isn’t a big deal,” Pokeflirt wrote on the video’s description. “I wanted to see what people thought about being a virgin in college. So everyone watching who hasn’t had a BF/GF yet, I hope this vid shows you it’s not a big deal.”

The takeaway here is easy: if you’re a male virgin entering college, it sounds like there’s no shortage of girls who would be willing to take your V-card.

Photo via Jean Koulev/Flickr (CC by 2.0)

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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