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‘No Chipotle worker has ever asked me how my day was’: Chipotle worker says she asked male customer about his day in front of his girlfriend, sparking debate

‘Some people get politeness and flirting mixed up.’


Natasha Dubash


There are a lot of customer service horror stories out there, so when TikToker Dannii (@starrdaannii) saw her customer service being unappreciated, she used the social media platform to describe the interaction. 

The fast-food worker says that she was ringing up a couple when she “asked the guy, because he’s about to pay, … ‘How’s your day?’” However, she says the man didn’t respond and pretty much ignored what she said.

When she looked to the side at the customer’s girlfriend, the Chipotle worker claims the woman was making a face at her, as if to indicate that the worker shouldn’t be talking to her apparent boyfriend. “Bitch, I don’t want your fucking ugly-ass man,” Dannii says at the end of the video.



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The video garnered around 55,400 views as of this writing, with viewers in the comments section divided on whether the Chipotle worker should have asked the customer about his day, even if he was clearly there with his girlfriend.

“Some people get politeness and flirting mixed up,” one person said, attempting to explain the woman’s behavior.

Other workers shared the times they had similar experiences with customers. “BRO this girl literally made out with her man in front of me when I greeted them,” recalled another, to which Dannii responded in disbelief saying, “WTFFF.”

Instead of falling on either side of the issue, some users helpfully suggested that Dannii address the couple as a collective next time. “U gotta say ya’ll if it’s a couple girly!!” 

Others felt it might be better to focus on the woman, instead of the man. “This is why I only ever make eye contact with the girl to ask them anything,” said one user.

But a number of people questioned the Chipotle worker’s motives and applauded the customer’s apparent loyalty to his girlfriend. One person indicated that if they were a customer at Chipotle, they would want their significant other to behave in a similar manner. “That’s how I want my man to be period,” they said.

However, a number of viewers were more stunned at the fact that the Chipotle worker even offered a greeting to her customers. “I’m not gonna lie no chipotle worker has ever asked me how my day was,” said one person.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dannii via TikTok comment.

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