Washing Vehicle with Grill Brush; Unhappy man and woman in breakup, cheating affair

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‘Exfoliating treatment’: Woman says if a man cheats, get revenge by washing his car—with a grill brush

'Use acetone to wash it! It gets all the dirt off.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Aug 17, 2023

Everyone handles cheaters differently. Some forgive and forget, some break up and move on with their lives, and some opt to hit men where it hurts: their car.

But instead of digging a key into the side of his car a la Carrie Underwood in “Before he Cheats,” one woman on TikTok says to wash his car—with a grill brush.

In a viral video that amassed over 4.5 million views by Thursday, TikTok user Kailey (@b9..kailey) showed herself washing a car while the text onscreen read, “If he cheats on you don’t do anything crazy just give his car a nice wash.”

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When Kailey leaned down to grab a brush out of the bucket, she skipped past the sponge and choose the grill brush instead. Most of these are made with metal wires that are capable of cleaning off charred grim and grease from a barbeque—and leaving nasty scratches on a car.

There have even been reports of people dying from grill brushes made with metal wires. Dr. Meghan Martin, a pediatric emergency medicine physician, went viral on TikTok for sharing the story of how a 4-year-old almost died from a metal wire making its way into his hamburger.

@beachgem10 One of my most interesting cases has a lesson that could save your life! #case #medicine #interesting #summer #ent ♬ original sound – Beachgem10

Scrubbing a car with a grill brush won’t kill someone—but it will seriously scratch the car.

In the comments, people were all for this new way of getting revenge. 

“I’m doin a grill brush fym,” a woman wrote. “Exfoliating treatment,” user @leia wrote.

“My fav way to wash my exs car,” a third commented. “LMFAO YUP SCRAPPPEEEEEEEEE,” shared a fourth.

Some women shared their ideas of making the payback sting even more.

“Put it on the floor 1st so the dirt gets stuck in the brush,” someone commented.

“And wash the wheels first,” offered another.

Others have their own creative means of revenge. “Use acetone to wash it! it gets all the dirt off,” this woman suggested. 

“My fave is the peeling face mask you can get for cars pretty reasonable it’s French i think páint stríppar?” another commented.

A third wrote, “And glitter inside for sparkly look.”

Since the video has been saved over 34,600 times, one woman is concerned that others might actually try this.

“The saves have me concerned,” she wrote.

The Daily Dot contacted Kailey via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Aug 17, 2023, 5:25 pm CDT