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‘I’m not paying 50 cents for a slice of cheese’: Customer brings his own cheese slice to put on Checker’s burger

‘This is how cheap I am, y’all.’


Melody Heald


A man went viral after revealing how he saves money on burgers at Checker’s—by using his own slice of cheese from home.

User Jerrod Hampton (@thatguyhamp10) shares with his followers how “cheap he is” in the clip, showing a pre-packaged slice of cheese on his kitchen table. On his table is a slice of cheese from a cheese packet from the store. He then shows an unwrapped burger from Checker’s.

“This is how cheap I am, y’all. I ain’t bullshitting,” he says. “Y’all know what the hell goin’ on here.”

Because the fast food restaurant charges for cheese on its burgers, Hampton decided to add cheese at home in order to save a bit of money. The video racked up over 68,000 views as of Thursday, and many viewers seconded Hampton’s money-saving technique.

@thatguyhamp10 #cheap #😂😂😂 #haha ♬ original sound – Jerrod Hampton

“Naw fr bc we got cheese at the house,” one viewer joked.

“Yep got that WIC cheese so order it without cheese it’s like 50 cent cheaper,” a second agreed.

“Bro this is actually smart thank you,” a third wrote.

Most of the viewers shared their stories using the same method to save money and how much certain places charge for cheese.

“I do the same thing for my Burger King Whoppers I’m not paying 50 cents for a slice of cheese,” one shared.

“I used to do that, but then Sonic decided that all their burgers were going to be cheeseburgers so if you say no cheese it doesn’t cost any less!!” a second stated.

“Literally lmao. My Five Guys charges an extra two dollars for a cheeseburger, so I do the same,” a third wrote.

However, others criticized Hampton, claiming that he isn’t cheap enough.

“If you were really cheap you’d get extra vegetables on the burger scoop them off and make a salad later,” one viewer said..

“So cheap you spend double on checkers instead of cooking a damn burger. You lazy and cheap,” another added.

Checkers isn’t the only fast food chain to charge extra for cheese. Burger King, Five Guys, and Wendy’s all charge extra for the slice of dairy. According to MarketWatch, the average cost of adding cheese to a burger is $1.50.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jerrod Hampton via TikTok comment and Checker’s via its website contact form.

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