Celebrity hackers in tweet-off

Celeb Leaks appears to compete with Hollywood Leaks.

Feb 14, 2019, 6:08 am*



Fruzsina Eördögh

Hollywood Leaks, the small group of hackers prying into celebrity and Hollywood executives digital lives, has some competition.

Celeb Leaks appears to be on a similar quest to torment the rich and famous, by posting their phone numbers, addresses, and nude pictures on the Internet.

So far, the only real “get” for Celeb Leaks: a naked picture of Megan Fox that doesn’t appear to be manipulated.They uploaded it to their Tumblr account. (We’re not linking to it for obvious reasons)

But that hasn’t stopped the two groups from trading proverbial blows on Twitter.

HWLeaks accused Celeb_Leaks of riding their “coattails,” to which Celeb_Leaks responded “you’re not the only 1337 hackers that hack celebs we are too and this is a movement.” (Here, 1337 means “leet,” or “elite.”)

Celeb Leaks began posting on Twitter on August 16, while Hollywood Leaks started on August 19. The feud between celebrity hacking groups might be just for show to get people to notice them, a practice called “faking the suspension.”

Just days before the feuding began, Celeb Leaks asked Hollywood Leaks on Twitter if they could hack together.

Hollywood Leaks consistently posts phone numbers for celebrities on pastebin, a site that allows one to store text for a set amount of time that is regularly used by hackers. Hollywood Leaks generally leaks celebrity-related information more often than Celeb Leaks.

Celeb Leaks seems to have some obsession with Alvarado Street Bakery, tweeting about it multiple times– either commenting on its lack of security, or saying they know the guy there and he is a “coward.” We have no idea what the connection is.

Neither group was available for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 7, 2011, 2:26 pm