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Add to your BTS merch collection with Funko BT21 Pops

The cutest characters meet everyone's fave nerdy collectible.


Colette Bennett

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Posted on Nov 1, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 12:00 am CDT

Anyone who is a part of the BTS fandom–ARMY, as we’re called–knows that being a member also means hurling your money down an endless black pit of merch that we can’t live without (insert empty wallet meme here). Now you can buy everything from pillows to toothbrushes emblazoned with the eight members of BT21 (yes, Van counts), and the latest “OMG GIMME” item in that lineup is Funko’s BT21 figures.

The new Funko BT21 line is available for preorder through Amazon and drops on November 18. Just like the previous set featuring each of the band’s members, each of these retails for a little under $11. While RJ, Tata, Chimmy, Cooky, Koya, Mang, and Shooky are available, there’s no sign of Van…which I assume means Funko needed extra time to create a giant one. They better be, because leaving Van out of the lineup would be 100% uncool, Funko.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not carry them in a box set (although it does have the original ones) since it’s a Barnes and Noble exclusive–and they aren’t listed on the website just yet. That said, you can preorder the Funko BT21 Pops now and get them quick thanks to that sweet Prime shipping.



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*First Published: Nov 1, 2019, 12:38 pm CDT